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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-131) Rumi


Galat-e-Nigar Hai Teri Chashm-e-Neem Baaz Ab Tak
Tera Wujood Tere Waste Hai Raaz Ab Tak

Your half‐shut eyes still fail to see
What subtle fact this life may be.

Tera Niaz Nahin Ashnaye Naaz Ab Tak
Ke Hai Qayam Se Khali Teri Namaz Ab Tak

Too meek to have a fondling will,
Devoid of Qiam your worship still.

Gasta Taar Hai Teri Khudi Ka Saaz Ab Tak
Ke Tu Hai Naghma-e-Tumi Se Be-Niaz Ab Tak!

(Gasta = Toota Huwa, Broken)

For songs of Rumi you havenʹt ears sharp,
Snapped the strings of your selfʹs harp.

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