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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-162) Khawajgi


Dour-e-Hazir Hai Haqiqat Mein Wohi Ehd-e-Qadeem
Ahle-e-Sajadah Hain Ya Ahl-e-Siasat Hain Imam

The present age is really the same old age:
It is either the men of prayer or the politicians who are in charge.

Iss Mein Peeri Ki Karamat Hai Na Meeri Ka Ha Zor
Saikrhon Sadiyon Se Khugar Hain Ghulami Ke Awam

Neither the miracles of those men of prayer nor the power of government is the reason for it 
For centuries the people have been used to slavery.

Khawajgi Mein Koi Mushkil Nahin Rehti Baqi
Pukhta Ho Jate Hain Jab Khuwe-e-Ghulami Mein Ghulam!

There is no difficulty about being a master
When the people are entrenched deep in slavery.

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