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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-187) Haqiqat-e-Azali Hai Raqabat-e-Aqwam (حقیقت ازلی ہے رقابت اقوام) Nations have been ever fighting among themselves


Haqiqat-e-Azali Hai Raqabat-e-Aqwam
Nigah-e-Peer-e-Falak Mein Na Main Aziz, Na Tu

Nations/Tribes have been ever fighting among themselves,
In Heaven’s eyes, none of us is dear.

Khudi Mein Doob, Zamane Se Na-Umeed Na Ho
Ke Iss Ka Zakhm Hai Darparda Ehtimam-e-Rafu

Dive deep into the self and don’t despair of Time,
Its afflictions tend to strengthen you.

Rahe Gat U Hi Jahan Mein Yagana-o-Yakta
Utr Gya Jo Tere Dil Mein ‘La Shareeka Lahu’

You alone shall be unique and incompatible in the world,
If you accept whole‐heartedly the motto: “None is associated with Him.”

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