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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-190) Ye Madrasa Ye Khail Ye Ghogha'ay Rawa Ro


Ye Madrasa Ye Khail Ye Ghoghaye Rawa-Ro
Iss Aysh-e-Farawan Mein Hai Har Lehza Gham-e-Nau

These schools and games, this continuing uproar,
This spectacle of excessive delights hides ever new griefs.

Woh Ilm Nahin, Zaher Hai Ahrar Ke Haq Mein
Jis Ilm Ka Hasil Hai Jahan Mein Do Kaf-e-Jo

That knowledge is a poison for free people,
Which ends in winning two handfuls of barley.

Nadan! Adab-o-Falsafa Kuch Cheez Nahin Hai
Asbaab-e-Hunar Ke Liye Lazim Hai Tag-o-Dou

O fool, there is nothing in letters and philosophy,
Art and skill demand hard labor from you.

Fitrat Ke Nawa Main Pe Ghalib Hai Hunar Mand
Shaam Iss Ki Manind-e-Sehar Sahib-e-Partou

A man of skill controls the working of Nature,
His nights are brighter than mornings.

Woh Sahib-e-Fann Chahe To Fann Ki Barkat Se
Tapke Badan-e-Meher Se Shabnam Ki Tarah Zou!

Through his art, if he so wishes,
Light can drip from the body of the sun as dew.


  1. this is order every body obey

  2. Fitrat Ke Nawa Main Pe Ghalib Hai Hunar Mand
    The word is Fitrat Ke NAWAMEES...