(Zarb-e-Kaleem-196) Jis Ke Parto Se Munawwar Rahi Teri Shab-e-Dosh


Jis Ke Partou Se Munawwar Rahi Teri Shab-e-Dosh
Phir Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Roshan Woh Charagh-e-Khamosh

The lamp that once lighted your nights
Can again come to life and illumine your days.

Mard-e-Be Hosla Karta Hai Zamane Ka Gila
Band-e-Hur Ke Liye Nashtar-e-Taqdeer Hai Nosh

The man lacking in spirit alone complains of the times,
Fate’s lancet is an antidote for the free man.

Nahin Hangama-e-Paikar Ke Laeik Woh Jawan
Jo Huwa Nala-e-Murghan-e-Sehar Se Madhosh

That young man is not fit for life’s struggle
Who is lulled to sleep by bird’s songs.

Mujh Ko Dar Hai Ke Hai Tiflana Tabiat Teri
Aur Ayyar Hain Yourap Ke Shaker-Parah Farosh!

I am afraid of your childish nature;
The sweet‐sellers of Europe are too clever!

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