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(Rumuz-e-Bekhudi-09) Dar Ma'ani Aynke Maqsood-e-Risalat-e-Muhammadia Tashkeel Wa Tasees

That the purpose of Muhammad’s mission was to found Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood among all mankind

Throughout the world man worshipped tyrant man,
Despised, neglected, insignificant;
Caesar and Chosroes, highwaymen enthroned,
Fettered and chained their subjects, hand and foot.
High Priest and Pope, Sultan and Prince—for one
Poor prey a hundred huntsmen took the field;
The sceptred monarch and the surpliced priest
Each claimed his tribute from the wasted fields;
The bishop, eager for this abject game,
Bartered God’s pardon with the penitent.
The Brahman from his garden raped his blooms,
The Magian fed his harvest to the fire.
Serfdom debased man’s nature; while his reed
Throbbed with therenody of his heart’s blood.
Until one faithful reassigned their rights
To those whose rights they were, the Khaqan’s throne
Delivering into his subjects’ hand;
Fanned their dead embers into flame anew;
Raised up Farhad, poor hewer of the rocks.
To Parwiz’ royal height; brought dignity
To honest toil, and robbed the taskmasters
Of tyrant overlordship. By his might
He shattered every ancient privilege,
And built new walls to fortify mankind.
He breathed fresh life in Adam’s weary bones,
Redeemed the slave from bondage, set him free.
His birth was mortal to the ancient world,
Death to the temples of idolatry.
Freedom was born out of his holy heart;
His vineyard flowed with that delightful wine.
The world’s new age, its hundred lamps ablaze,
Opened its eyes upon his living breast.
He drew on Being’s page the new design,
Brought into life a race of conquerors,
A people deaf to every voice but God’s,
A moth devoted to Muhammad‘s flame;
The fire of God was glowing in the brilliance
Of the Sun’s sanctuary. His fervour flushed
Creation all with joy; new Ka‘bahs rose
Where China’s temples once with idols stood.
And in the order of his chivalry
They were most noble who feared God the best.
Belivers all are brothers in his heart,
Freedom the sum and substance of his flesh.
Impatient with discriminations all,
His soul was pregnant with Equality.
Therefore his sons stand up erect and free
As the tall cypresses, the ancient pledge
In him renewing, Yea, thou art our Lord.
Prostration unto God had marked his brow;
The Moon and stars bow down to kiss his feet.

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