Search Words, Couplet, Verse, Shair In Iqbal Poetry

(Payam-e-Mashriq-106) Payam

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  1. Very unfortunate that this message of Iqbal was not conveyed to the western nations even after eighty years after his death.Iqbal is commenting on the scientific and material achievements of west but they gambled away their soul and became coldblooded so much so that their stirring of earth created the dust all over.some of the dust splashed in the noble teachings of Christ. We conquered this world and hereafter and slumbered into deep sleep due to subsequent usurper kings who filled this earth with bloodshed an tyranny on their kingdoms and we have a message the west has to assiduously investigate which gives meaning to this ephemeral life and solve all human problems.alas the persian and urdu speakers are lost in the material world.