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(Bang-e-Dra-033) Tifal-e-Sheer Khawaar

Tifl-e-Sheer Khawaar
Young Baby

Main Ne Chaqu Tujh Se Cheena Hai To Chillata Hai Tu
Mehrban Hun Main, Mujhe Na-Mehrban Samjha Hai Tu

I took a knife away from you and you shriek.
I am kind, but you thought I was being unkind.

Phir Para Roye Ga Ae Nauwarad-e-Aqleem-e-Ghum
Chubh Na Jaye Dekhna! Bareek Hai Nauk-e-Qalam

Then you will lie there and cry, you who have just arrived in this world of sorrow.
Make sure it does not prick you! The tip of the pen is so slender.

Ah! Kyun Dukh Dene Wali Shay Se Tujh Ko Pyar Hai
Khail Iss Kaghaz Ke Tukre Se, Ye Be-Azaar Hai

Ah! Why are you so fond of a thing which will give you pain?
Play with this piece of paper—that is harmless.

Gaind Hai Teri Kahan, Cheeni Ki Billi Hai Kidhar?
Woh Zara Sa Janwar Toota Huwa Hai Jis Ka Sar

Where is your ball? Where is your china cat?
That little animal with the broken head?

Tera Aaeena Tha Azad-e-Ghubar-e-Arzu
Ankh Khulte Hi Chamak Utha Sharar-e-Arzu

Your mirror was free from the dust of desire.
As soon as your eyes opened, the spark of desire shone out.

Hath Ki Junbish Mein, Tarz-e-Deed Mein Poshida Hai
Teri Soorat Arzu Bhi Teri Nauzaeeda Hai

It is hidden in the movement of your hands, in the way you see.
Like you, your desire is also new‐born.

Zindagaani Hai Teri Azad-e-Qaid-e-Imtiaz
Teri Ankhon Par Haweda Hai Magar Qudrat Ka Raaz

Your life is free of the prison of discretion.
Perhaps the secret of nature is manifest to your eyes.

Jab Kisi Shay Par Bigar Kar Mujh Se, Chillata Hai Tu
Kya Tamasha Hai Raddi Kaghaz Se Mann Jata Hai Tu

When you are angry with me about something, you shriek.
What a sight! You are made happy with a piece of waste‐paper!

Aah! Iss Adat Mein Hum Ahang Hun Main Bhi Tera
Tu Talawwan Ashna, Main Bhi Talawwan Ashna

In this habit, I am in harmony with you.
You are capricious; I am also capricious.

Arzi Lazzat Ka Shaidai Hun, Chillata Hun Main
Jald Aa Jata Hai Gussa, Jald Mann Jata Hun Main

I am given to the joys of momentary pleasure; I shriek as well.
I am quickly moved to anger; I am quickly consoled.

Meri Ankhon Ki Lubha Leta Hai Husn-e-Zahiri
Kam Nahin Kuch Teri Nadani Se Nadani Meri

My eyes are enchanted with all the beauty they see before them.
My foolishness is no less than yours.

Teri Soorat-Gah Giryan-Gah Khandan Main Bhi Hun
Dekhne Ko Naujawan Hun, Tifl-e-Nadan Main Bhi Hun

Like you, I sometimes weep; and sometimes I laugh.
I appear to be a foolish adolescent, but I am also a baby!


  1. Excellent for Urdu poetry elocution for children .
    And for kids that the elders scold them too much .
    Thanks for sharing .