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(Bang-e-Dra-039) Tarana-e-Hindi

The Indian Anthem

Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Humara
Hum Bulbulain Hain Iss Ki, Ye Gulistan Humara

The best land in the world is our India;
We are its nightingales; this is our garden.

Gharbat Mein Hon Agar Hum, Rehta Hai Dil Watan Mein
Samjho Waheen Humain Bhi, Dil Ho Jahan Humara

If we are in exile, our heart resides in our homeland.
Understand that we are also where our heart is.

Parbat Woh Sub Se Uncha, Humsaya Asman Ka
Woh Santri Humara, Woh Pasban Humara

That is the highest mountain, the neighbour of the sky;
It is our sentry; it is our watchman.

Godi Mein Khailti Hain Iss Ki Hazaron Nadiyan
Gulshan Hai Jin Ke Dam Se Rashak-e-Jinaan Humara

In its lap play thousands of streams,
And the gardens that flourish because of them are the envy of Paradise.

Ae Aab-e-Rood-e-Ganga! Woh Din Hain Yaad Tujh Ko?
Utra Tere Kinare Jab Karwan Humara

Oh, waters of the river Ganges! Do you remember those days?
Those days when our caravan halted on your bank?

Mazhab Nahin Sikhata Apas Mein Bair Rakhna
Hindi Hain Hum, Watan Hai Hindustan Humara

Religion does not teach us to be enemies with each other:
We are Indians, our homeland is our India.

Yunan-o-Misar-o-Roma Sab Mit Gye Jahan Se
Ab Tak Magar Hai Baqi Naam-o-Nishan Humara

Greece, Egypt and Byzantium have all been erased from the world.
But our fame and banner still remain.

Kuch Baat Hai Ke Hasti Mitti Nahin Humari
Sadiyon Raha Hai Dushman Dour-e-Zaman Humara

It is something to be proud of that our existence is never erased,
Though the passing of time for centuries has always been our enemy.

Iqbal! Koi Mehram Apna Nahin Jahan Mein
Maloom Kya Kisi Ko Dard-e-Nihan Humara

Iqbal! No‐one in this world has ever known your secret.
Does anyone know the pain I feel inside me?


  1. Very very nice poems about Hindustan.
    Great; I love this.
    Thank you for publishing.

  2. u will be surprised to know that while Iqbal wrote sare jaha se acha, later he was one of the main person to demand pakistan. What a irony.

    1. U will be surprised to know that Jinnah was a congress man and a secular person initially.Iqbal' s great grand father was a Kashmiri Pandit ( kaul) .Sardar Patel once said that if your arm gets cancerous,its better to cut it lest it may spread to whole body! .It was power tussle that led congress to sign partition paper.

    2. congress musalman ki talent se ghabra ke hindutwa ka sahara liya tha taab jaake pakistan bana...jinnha patel ke paas aisa ka hunar tha bas ek hi sahara tha communalism..this is fact..

  3. he had not joined politics by then , after 1922 he was a hardcore politician looking to accentuate his ambitions , unfortunately he died in 1938 only so his ambitions couldnt materialise

  4. Dr. Allama Iqbal continued this poetry

    Chin O arab hamara hindustaN hamara
    Muslim haiN hum watan sara jahaN hamara

    Tauheed ki amanat sin O main hai hamare
    AasaN nahi mitana nam O nishaN hamara

    DuniyaN k but kadoN mai phahla wo ghar khuda ka
    Hum is k pasbaN haiN wo pasbaN hamara

    TighoN k sayee main hum pal kar jawaN huyeN haiN
    Khanjer helal ka hai koumi nishaN hamara

    Magrib main diwarooN main gunji azaN hamari
    Thamta na tha kisi se sil E rawaN hamara

    Batil se dabne wale ai aasmaN nahiN hum
    Saw bar kar chuka hai tu imtehaN hamara

    Ai gulistan E undulus woh din hai yad tujh ko
    Tha teri daliyoN main jab aashyaN hamara

    Ai mauj E dajla ; tu bhi pahchanti hai hum ko
    Ab tak tere darya main afsaNa khah hamara

    Ai arz E pak ;teri hurmat pe kat mareN hum
    Hai khuN teri ragooN main ab tak rawaN hamara

    Salar E karwaN hai MIR_E HEJAZ apna
    Is nam se hai baqui aaram E jaN hamara

    Iqbal ka tarana bang E dara hai goya
    Hota hai jada paimaN phir karwaN hamara

    1. When he said Sara Jahan Hamara - Merhoom Tilok Chand Mehroom wrote :
      Iqbal ne jo chodi rahe watan parasti
      ga kar naya tarana sara jahan hamara
      Hum ne bhi ek misre mein baat khatm kar di
      Sara jahan tumahara Hindustan hamara

  5. This was a different poem he wrote...after he became a muslim fanatic later in the life...he was then proponent of Muslim Nation...he died a confused soul in Hindustan as an Indian or 'HINDI' as he used to call himself

    1. "hindi" n also "hind" words have their roots in Arabic language , n muslims gave this region name of "HInd' , while true Sanskrit word for India is "Bharat" n "Bharati" , so being "Hindi " means a person who live in the Land of Hind. and Iqbal was a Hindi in this regard. being Hindi does not mean a person believing in Hindu ideology.

    2. Muslims gave this region the name " Hind"

    3. Yeah right u.
      Pakistan gave name of "Hind"

  6. firdous a siddiqui8 September 2013 at 22:39

    all time favorite. we should think what compel him to think about two nation/state; as i think he was supporter of Muslim state not nation.

  7. Iqbal was born in India and died in India, he was a proud Indian. No question of Pakistan, as it was only 1947, this new nation was born. It should be simple like this.

    1. Hahahahahah, Yesssssss.......... Our Ancestors were too indians but we are Pakistani and we Proud of it.
      I know, Iqbal was such a great person that everyone can claim his nationality. But he was a true muslim. He told muslims in fact who they are..............

  8. what is the meaning of Hindustan ?
    Place where Hindu lives ??
    who gave this name as old days name was Bharat

    1. It's a Persian name which stands for northwestern sub-continent. It has no religious connotation. "Hindus" were those who lived along Sindh.

    2. Correct, Hindustan or Hindu has no relationship to a particular. In fact Muslims and other religious people who lived in this valley are called Hindus or Hindustani.

      We should be proud that Adam (The first human on earth as believed by major religions like Islam, Christianity, and Jews) was dropped in Sri Lanka which also a part of Hind. The first man on earth came to Hind so, he is a Hindu as well.

      Even in Arabic, Indian means Hindi. Anyone who has been to Gulf knows that they call us Hindi because of our region but not religion.

      Unhappy people or hypocrites give false definitions or descriptions to abuse someone's religious feelings and their ego to satisfy their evil desires. They make fun by giving such comments and feel happy because they abused someone but the fact is they're are fooling themselves and believe in the false or wrong definitions.

      I am proud to be a Hindu Muslim. Hindi by region and Muslim by religion.

    3. I salute you, and wish you all the best !

  9. you must keep that in mind that Iqbal was born in sialkot, which is in Pakistan

  10. Kanwaljit Singh Asla8 July 2014 at 04:35

    We have to try and fathom, what was it that drove ardent nationalists like Jinnah and Allama Iqbal (RIP) to disillusionment in the late 20s and 30s. The pulls and pressures of Congress politics? The Lahore session of Congress in 1930 seems to hold the key. Unfortunately our History has been penned by congress and they have laid the blame entirely on Jinnah. This may not be the whole truth. Maybe we can as a nation face the truth one day provided it is reveled to us. God bless the subcontinent. It surely needs the blessings.

    1. Jinnah was always for United India. But he knew Muslims would never be in majority. As a democratic system would come in place, Muslins would be marginalised. He pleaded with Nehru, Gandhi and Patel to enshrine permanent power for Muslims in the new constitution. Although Patel and Nehru were sympathetic, Gandhi would not hear it. From there Jinnah became resolute around creation of Pakistan

  11. I think by the 1940s Iqbal and Jinnah came to know that sooner or later India will be free from English rule. And because it will be democracy and because majority of population is Hindu, muslims will not get their fare share and will never be in important ruling governmental positions as they enjoyed when muslims ruled most of the India before English came. So they devised this plan to push for separate muslim secular nation, which later on became muslim nation. They felt insignificant against Nehru, Sardar and others, they felt that they will never get to rule the nation even-though they also fought for India's freedom. And because muslims will not be ruling the nation, Hindus will take revenge against the barbaric atrocities they have commit-ed while they were ruling India. This fear led them to push for separate Muslim secular nation. Which we know today as Pakistan. But to me the muslim and secular words do not go together. if you are muslim or hindu then you are not secular and if you are secular then you cannot be muslim or hindu. Thats why short while after Jinnah's death they declared Pakistan as muslim nation no more secular.

    This is my thinking, i may be wrong. We may never come to know for sure what changed Iqbal's and Jinnah's mind to push for separate Muslim state.

  12. सारे जहा से अच्छा हिन्दुस्तान हमारा अल्लाहमा इकबाल ने लिखा था । लोग इसे हिन्दु मुस्लिम एकता का प्रतिक मानते है लेकिन बहुत कम लोग जानते है कि जिस इकबाल ने सारे जहा से अच्छा हिन्दुस्तान लिखा था।
    इसी इकबाल ने 1947 बटवारे के बाद हिन्दुस्तान को गाली देते हुए पाकीस्तान के पक्ष मे एक गीत लिखा कि

    खंजर हीलाल का कोमी निशां हमारा,
    मुस्लिम है हमवतन है सारा जहां हमारा ।

    उसी वक्त बनारस के कवि नजीर बदायुनी ने इकबाल को पाकीस्तान की सरपरस्ती करने पर ललकारते हुए लाल किले से कहा.....

    इकबाल ने छोड़ी राहे वतन परस्ती,
    गाकर नया तराना सारा जहा हमारा,
    हमने भी एक मिस्रे मे बात खत्म कर दी,
    सारा जहा तुम्हारा हिन्दुस्तान हमारा ।

    1. He was dead by 1938 - did his ghost come to write that...An Indian.

    2. This couplet Iqbal ne jo chodi is by late Prof. Tilok Chand Mehroom and not by Nazeer saheb. Please make a note of it and correct it. Thanks

    3. Sahi kahaa kahaa aapne. Allama Iqbal r.a. sahab 1938 main intiqal farma gaye the to fir kaise likh sakte hain Allama Iqbal r.a. sahab ye sab ulta sidhaa..

  13. yeah sometimes its true bt u know our poor public dont know reality what politician tell them they accepted n follows ..think if it was not parted ...think if there was no dichotomy india could wolrd super power u know apart from those days if pakis says that they want to rejoin india , indian wl not consolidate ..because u know ....there is chaos ....indians r in much better condition ....n they r fighting eachother mainly what they created themself terrorism ....we r connected thats why sometimes that affect us also really many innocent peoples die in pakistan bt no body care ...because each n everyone want there own development only n own selfishness is there god bless pakistan ....

  14. u know if pakis start themself to think about development ...and good think ....if they could leave terrorism ...may be they could develop a lot ...because there r talent bt they cant come farward because no one want such think ....politician used to instigate people toward india n play game n peoples r being fooled from partition ...sometimes its in india also bt much less as compares to pakis ....we have tried a lot bt u know 85 percent pakis want to think about india ...they want peace ...because if two brother devide there home n start living apart it doesnt mean their relation ended ..may be they sometimes their some family member dont want bt they were brother and they always will be any relation want love ...not terrorism n katal like think like 9/11 i think even god can not make better bcoz pakis army n politician dont want that n we have seen in 1999 kargil and one think if any one think i m speaking wrong u can watch hasan nisar vedios who belong to pakistan ...and he have power to say reality bt ...he cant stand against such big criminal mind army .....and one thing also i want to say every one read a book FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT this was written by dominik lapier anf larry collins they were foreign writers so they wrote true ...may u can say if it was indian or pakis writer then there could be biasing bt foreigner cant do that they always write facts mainly authour really we indian used to watch pakistan serials like zindagi guljar hai , n they used to watch most of serials n movies of india we dont know y people hate eachother ...reality is what they dont hate its politician who make it ....

  15. Beacuse our corropt leader pakistan india have corrupt leader which kind of terriousm you said 9/11 usa or indian one who make jew secoud how make raw dnt be think if pakistan destroyed india safe and india destroyed pak save to much terriosm group in india but indian media never show why india put forces in kashmir if pak army corrupt indian army also corrupt we are muslim its over fualt thats why we die in kashmir falastin afghanistan sham iraq see reality all tate terriost becuse wite man know if we not finish muslim one day they again ruled in world we are muslim worrship one god they want we worrship devil like jew who india friend when brother usa first unstable pakistan now india poltician involve in usa police on fast track 2010 soon u see usa unstable also india beacuse they hate every religon they think they are better they are god child read jew history u understand wo terriost who involve in these activaties god bless india and pakistan

  16. Wonderful comment ! Sara jAhan tumhara par Hindustan hamara!!!very short and effective. Hatsoff!shri Nasir badayuni.

  17. Superb Tarana, No other can write better this, . we indian should be always do Salute to his great soul. FAIROZE, Ramanagara, Karnataka, India, +91 9060932626

  18. Great Great Great Nazir Badayuni Saab..."Saaraa Jahaan Tumhara Par Hindustaan Humara...!!!

  19. All this debate is useless because Iqbal was basically a humanist who gave the universal concept of self and he is recognised the world over for his philosophical ideas regarding self that is full of innumerable potential. He remained in search of truth throughout his life and during this journey he studied different ideologies and experienced various systems. If we had to understand the true Iqbal, we must also go with him step by step and try tom understand his enigmas and his quest of ultimate truth. It is easy to praise or criticise without doing any solid effort to understand the conditions of his age and his personal struggle to unravel the truth by peeling off the layers of confusion and contradictions of his time and self.

  20. Allama Iqbal nay iss wataniat say rujoo (yani rad) kya tha aur isko baray buth say missal dee thee....

    In Taza Khudaoon main bara sab say watan hai
    Jo Pairhan iskaa hai, woo mazhab ka kafan hai

    Fikr wohi moetabar hoti hai jo shaeoor ki pukhtagi par ghalib hooo, issi liay yeah fikr-e-Iqbal nahi

  21. bhai o iqbal. k baare mai padho phir comment likho

  22. Iqbal was great...He later changed view on Nationalism when he wrote tarana e milli and considered nationalism to be greatest idol of time !

  23. There was no muslim in Bharat. People of here were made muslim by the invador one who denied they were killed. All muslim in India Pakistan, Bangladesh were not muslim but they are made forcefully.

  24. Just few words about allama iqbal: he was a true muslim , see his other poems also like 'haspania' , 'tariq ki dua' , shikwa , jawab e shikwa... And many more

  25. It is not a fact but a universal truth that oneday we Muslims will rule india as it is Mentioned by Hakeem ul Ummat Dr Sir Mohd Iqbal in the first stanza