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(Bang-e-Dra-045) Abar


Uthi Phir Aaj Woh Poorab Se Kali Kali Ghata
Siyah Posh Huwa Phir Pahar Sar Ban Ka

Today again from the east that thick black nimbus fares
And Surban’s mountain‐crest a dark‐hued covering ears.

Nihan Huwa Jo Rukh-e-Mehr Zair-e-Daman-e-Abar
Hawaye Sard Bhi Ayi Sawar-e-Tousan-e-Abar

When the face of the sun was hid in the skirt of its misty course,
A chill wind raced on the cloud as a horseman speeds his horse.

Garaj Ka Shor Nahin Hai, Khamosh Hai Ye Ghata
Ajeeb Mai Kuda-e-Be Kharosh Hai Ye Ghata

There is no rumble of thunder: the silence is thick as a pall:
In the strange wine‐shop of the heavens a quiet lies over all.

Chaman Mein Hukm-e-Nishat-e-Madam Layi Hai
Qabaye Gul Mein Guhr Tankne Ko Ayi Hai

It has ordered a scheme for the garden of joy that will always bless
And has come to fasten a gem on the hem of the flower’s long dress.

Jo Phool Mehr Ki Garmi Se Sou Chale The, Uthe
Zameen Ki Gode Mein Jo Par Ke So Rahe The, Uthe

The bloom that once had nodded in the heat of the sun’s fierce ray
To fall in earth’s lap, it rouses from sleep to a lifting day.

Hawa Ke Zor Se Ubhra, Barha, Urha Badal
Uthi Woh Aur Ghata, Lo! Baras Para Badal

With the wind’s wild blast the nimbus grew to mounting and soaring mass,
And towering still higher it showered the rain out over the grass.

Ajeeb Khema Hai Kuhsar Ke Nihalon Ka
Yaheen Qayam Ho Wadi Mein Phirne Walon Ka

It has made for the mountain saplings their own miraculous tent.
Here let them rest, the wanderers, who from journey in vale are spent.

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