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(Bang-e-Dra-046) Aik Prinda Aur Juggnu

Aik Parinda Aur Jugnoo
Firefly And Bird

Sar-e-Shaam Aik Murhg-e-Naghma Paira
Kisi Tehni Pe Baitha Ga Raha Tha

Early one Evening the sweet voice was heard,
As it sat on a twig, of a carolling bird.

Chamakti Cheez Ek Dekhi Zameen Par
Urha Taeer Usse Jugnu Samajh Kar

When it spied something glittering there on the ground
It flew to the place and a firefly it found.

Kaha Jugnu Ne O Murgh-e-Nawa Raiz!
Na Kar Bekas Pe Manqar-e-Hawas Taiz

The firefly said: “Bird of the musical charm,
Take your sharp beak away: do a poor one no harm,

Tujhe Jis Ne Chehak, Gul Ko Mehak Di
Ussi Allah Ne Mujh Ko Chamak Di

Allah granted you song and gave the flower scent:
That same Allah to me did my lustre present.

Libas-e-Noor Mein Mastoor Hun Main
Patangon Ke Jahan Ka Toor Hun Main

My being is hidden in garments of light,
The zenith of creatures that flutter in flight.

Chehak Teri Behisht-e-Gosh Agar Hai
Chamak Meri Bhi Firdous-e-Nazar Hai

If your dulcet note has of Heaven the ear,
The eye of that Heaven sees my gleaming clear.

Paron Ko Meri Qudat Ne Zia Di
Tujhe Uss Ne Sadaye Dil Ruba Di

While Nature with sparkle did cover my wing
It gave you the song that charms hearts when you sing.

Teri Manqar Kogana Sikhaya
Mujhe Gulzar Ki Mashal Banaya

It instructed yours beak in all musical grace
And made me the torch of the garden’s space.

Chamak Bakhsi Mujhe, Awaz Tujh Ko
Diya Hai Souz Mujh Ko, Saaz Tujh Ko

Flashing it gave you: to me it gave voice.
My portion is radiance: in song you rejoice.

Mukhalif Saaz Ka Hota Nahin Souz
Jahan Mein Saaz Ka Hai Hum Nasheen Souz

Radiance and song in this world are not foes;
They cling to each other in harmony close.

Qayam-e-Bazm-e-Hasti Hai Inhi Se
Zahoor-e-Auj-o-Pasti Hai Inhi Se

Creation’s firm frame is compact of the two:
All heights and all depths are to both alike due.

Hum Aahangi Se Hai Mehfil Jahan Ki
Iss Se Hai Bahar Iss Bostan Ki

They mingle together to make every thing;
In this garden from both comes the beauty of spring.”


  1. full of wisdom

  2. No moral. Too difficult words. Maybe Iqbal wrote it to kill time.

  3. Yaar iqbal ki poetry ki tashreeh kahan milegi