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(Bang-e-Dra-055) Anokhi Wazaa Hai, Sare Zamane Se Nirale Hain

Anokhi Waza Hai, Sare Zamane Se Nirale Hain
Ye Ashiq Kon Si Basti Ke Ya-Rab Rehne Wale Hain

Unusual in state, distinct from the whole world they are
O Lord! Inhabitants of which habitation these Lovers are?

Ilaj-e-Dard Mein Bhi Dard Ki Lazzat Pe Merta Hun
Jo The Chhalon Mein Kante, Nok-e-Souzan Se Nikale Hain

Even during pathos’s cure I desperately love pathos
Blisters’ thorns have been extracted with needle’s point

Phala Phula Rahe Ya Rab ! Chaman Meri Umeedon Ka
Jigar Ka Khoon De De Kar Ye Boote Main Ne Pale Hain

O Lord, the garden of my hopes may remain prosperous
I have raised these plants watering them with my blood

Rulati Hai Mujhe Raton Ko Khamoshi Sitaron Ki
Nirala Ishq Hai Mera, Nirale Mere Nale Hain

The stars’ silence at night makes me weep
Strange my Love is, strange my Laments are

Na Pucho Mujh Se Lazzat Khanaman Barbad Rehne
Nasheman Sekron Main Ne Bana Kar Phoonk Dale Hain

Do not ask me of the pleasure of remaining destitute
Hundreds of nests have been made and destroyed by me

Nahin Begangi  Achi Rafiq-e-Rah Manzil Se
Theher Ja Ae Sharar,  Hum Bhi To Akhir Mitne Wale Hain

Being a stranger to the journey’s companion is not good
O spark! Wait, after all we are also going to disappear

Umeed-e-Hoor Ne Sub Kuch Sikha Rakha Hai Waaiz Ko
Ye Hazrat Dekhne Mein Seedhe Sadhe, Bhole Bhale Hain

Expectation for the houri has taught everything to the preacher
Only in appearance simple and straight forward these people are

Mere Ashaar Ae Iqbal! Kyun Pyare Na Hon Mujh Ko
Mere Toote Huwe Dil Ke Ye Dard Angaiz Nale Hain

Why should not my verses be dear to me, O Iqbal
These the painful laments of my heart are


  1. This is awesome! Allama Iqbal was a great poet! his poetry has deep messages hidden!

  2. wah! Wah! Wah! Very nice!

  3. bohat Khoobsurat

  4. Boht khoob aisi poetry hamesha k liye amaarr rehti hae.

  5. Can someone plz explain "na pooch mujhse"

  6. slam! kahien sy iqbal ki poetry achi sy vocals my mil skti hai??