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(Bang-e-Dra-012) Parinde Ki Faryad (The Bird's Complaint)

Prinde Ki Faryad
Bachon Ke Liye

(For Children)

Ata Hai Yaad Mujh Ko Guzra Huwa Zamana
Woh Bagh Ki Baharain, Woh Sub Ka Chehchana

I am constantly reminded of the bygone times
Those garden’s springs, those chorus of chimes

Azadiyan Kahan Woh Ab Apne Ghonsle Ki
Apni Khushi Se Ana, Apni Khushi Se Jana

Gone are the freedoms of our own nests
Where we could come and go at our own pleasure

Lagti Hai Chot Dil Per, Ata Hai Yad Jis Dam
Shabnaam Ke Ansuon Per Kaliyon Ka Muskarana

My heart aches the moment I think
Of the buds' smile at the dew's tears

Vo Payari Payari Soorat, Vo Kamni Si Moorat
Abad Jis Ke Dam Se Tha Mera Ashiyana

That beautiful figure, that Kamini's form
Which source of happiness in my nest did form

Ati Nahin Sadaen Uss Ki Mere Qafas Mein
Hoti Meri Rehai Ae Kash Mere Bus Mein!

I do not hear those lovely sounds in my cage now
May it happen that my freedom be in my own hands now!

Kya Badnaseeb Hun Mein Ghar Ko Taras Raha Hun
Sathi To Hain Watan Mein, Main Qaid Mein Para Hun

How unfortunate I am, tantalized for my abode I am
My companions are in the home‐land, in the prison I am

Ayi Bahar, Kaliyan Phoolon Ki Hans Rahi Hain
Mein Iss Andhere Ghar Mein Kismat Ko Ro Raha Hun

Spring has arrived, the flower buds are laughing
On my misfortune in this dark house I am wailing

Iss Qaid Ka Elahi! Dukhra Kise Sunaun
Der Hai Yahin Qafas Mein Main Gham Se Mer Na Jaun

O God, To whom should I relate my tale of woe?
I fear lest I die in this cage with this woe (grief)!

Jab Se Chaman Chuta Hai, Ye Haal Ho Gya Hai
Dil Gham Ko Kha Raha Hai, Gham Dil Ko Kha Raha Hai

Since separation from the garden the condition of my heart is such
My heart is waxing the grief, my grief is waxing the heart

Gana Issay Samajh Ker Khush Hon Na Sunne Wale
Dukhe Huwe Dilon Ki Faryad Ye Sada Hai

O Listeners, considering this music do not be happy
This call is the wailing of my wounded heart

Azad Mujh Ko Ker De, O Qaid Kerne Wale!
Main Bezuban Hun Qaidi, Tu Chor Ker Dua Le

O the one who confined me make me free
A silent prisoner I am, earn my blessings free


  1. such a great thought, you can realise your inner feelings by understanding each sher. Every sher is worth touching and apreceable.
    Pray for Allama

  2. it is just really fabulous,allama iqbal is great philosopher and poet i really love his poetry.

  3. he is suberb ,really fantastic

  4. dil ko choo jate hain yeh sher.........really awesome

  5. meaningfull specially who keep birds in their home as pets

    1. Not only for birds it is a vast message for humanity.

  6. gr888888888888 poem

  7. I will pray allah that make philosphere like my old friend sir mohd.iqbal

  8. its really nice liked it alot

  9. 10 december 2015

  10. google is of nonen work

  11. we even cant get poem meaning in urdu

    1. nooo it meaning will eb changed in urdu

  12. Allama Iqbal. The true greatest poet ever.
    Main ne suna hai ke Shayer jhooti thareef kartha hai aur lawyer jhooti wakalath kartha hai.
    Magar Allama iqbal ki poetry padh kar samajh mein ke jahan hi jao haq parasth insaan haq mein rehtha hai.
    Subhan allah.

    Such a true poet comes once in life time.

  13. my favorite poem. deep thought. heart touching.

  14. Assalam o Alikum!
    Sir M Iqbal was really a great poet in the world and none poet like unto him
    and in this age we should follow his poetry.God bless him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. taareef ke liye to alfaaz hi nahi hain hamare paas. bachpan se favourite nazm rahi hai.

  16. amazing thought

  17. maza to tab ata ha shayari ka jab ho asar insaan pe...! warna
    iblees bi karreb tha KHUDA ke,mana kia tha usne sajda e khaak pe..
    Minhas Arshad

  18. Heart touching poem
    I love u Dr.iqbal sahab.....jitni tarife apke liye utne kam hai....

  19. Allama Iqbal was the great poet and his poetry is so meaningful but the only problem is its very difficult

  20. love it. dedicated to my abu. i miss u abu soooooooooooooooooooo much

  21. Prinde Ki Faryad = pardasi ki Faryad !

  22. awsomeee !!!!! love it :)

  23. awosome i needed a assiment got one

  24. Subhan Allah.. it is written on bird.. but i feel on my soul..!

  25. Fantastic,heart touching poetry of Allama Iqbal,pray for you Sir,nd I salute you,

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    1. Wa Alikumslaam

      Best Regard

  27. Today i read i tweet from a girl - my father sets free oyr pigeon after reading IQBAL' s Parinde ki faryaad. '
    I was moved reading that tweet.. And a reason why i m here.. See how amizingly iqbal ji is doing welfare and dat too unknowingly..
    Nd btw frgit to mention ultimate composition

  28. Fantastic poem pray for allama iqbal

  29. Jis ny tujhy pehchan lia woh apni jan bacha kr kia kry ga
    bal bachon or khandan ka kia kry ga
    Usy apna devana bna kr donon jahan de dety ho
    per tera devana donon jahan ka kia kry ga

  30. Fantastic,heart touching poetry of Allama Iqbal.,nd I salute you

  31. Wooww what a meaningfull poem is it..please kindly free the birds who r prisoned in cages


  33. There is no word can explain the depth of his thought he is terribly a great phlospher of all time...