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(Bang-e-Dra-019) Aik Arzoo

Aik Arzoo
A Longing

Dunya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gya Hun Ya Rab!
Kya Lutf Anjuman Ka Jab Dil Hi Bujh Gya Ho

O Lord! I have become weary of human assemblages!
When the heart is sad no pleasure in assemblages can be

Sourish Se Bhagta Hun, Dil Dhoondta Hai Mera
Aesa Sukoot Jis Par Taqreer Bhi Fida Ho

I seek escape from tumult, my heart desires
The silence which speech may ardently love!

Merta Hon Khamashi Par, Ye Arzoo Hai Meri
Daman Mein Koh K Ek Chota Sa Jhonpara Ho

I vehemently desire silence, I strongly long that
A small hut in the mountain’s side may there be

Azad Fikr Se Hon, Uzlat Mein Din Guzaron
Dunya Ke Gham Ka Dil Se Kanta Nikl Gya Ho

Freed from worry I may live in retirement
Freed from the cares of the world I may be

Lazzat Surood Ki Ho Chiryon Ke Chehchon Mein
Chashme Ki Shourishon Mein Baja Sa Baj Raha Ho

Birds’ chirping may give the pleasure of the lyre
In the spring’s noise may the orchestra’s melody be

Gul Ki Kali Chatak Kar Paigham De Kisi Ka
Saghir Zara Sa Goya Mujh Ko Jahan Numa Ho

The flower bud bursting may give God’s message to me
Showing the whole world to me this small wine‐cup may be

Ho Hath Ka Sarhana, Sabze Ka Ho Bichona
Sharmaye Jis Se Jalwat,  Khalwat Mein Woh Ada Hi

My arm may be my pillow, and the green grass my bed be
Putting the congregation to shame my solitude’s quality be

Manoos Iss Qadar Soorat Se Meri Bulbul
Nanhe Se Dil Mein Uss Ke Khatka Na Kuch Mera Ho

The nightingale be so familiar with my face that
Her little heart harboring no fear from me may be

Sift Bandhe Dono Janib Boote Hare Hare Hon
Nadi Ka Saaf Pani Tasveer Le Raha Ho

Avenues of green trees standing on both sides be
The spring’s clear water providing a beautiful picture be

Ho Dil Faraib Aesa Kuhsar Ka Nazara
Pani Bhi Mouj Ban Kar, Uth Uth Ke Dekhta Ho

The view of the mountain range may be so beautiful
To see it the waves of water again and again rising be

Aghosh Mein Zameen Ki Soya Huwa Ho Sabza
Phir Phir Ke Jhariyon Mein Pani Chamak Raha Ho

The verdure may be asleep in the lap of the earth
Water running through the bushes may glistening be

Pani Ko Chu Rahi Rahi Ho Jhuk Jhuk Ke Gul Ki Tehni
Jaise Haseen Koi Aaeena Dekhta Ho

Again and again the flowered boughs touching the water be
As if some beauty looking at itself in mirror be

Mehndi Lage Suraj Jab Sham Ki Dulhan Ko
Surkhi Liye Sunehri Har Phool Ki Qaba Ho

When the sun apply myrtle to the evening’s bride
The tunic of every flower may pinkish golden be

Raton Ko Chalne Wale Reh Jaen Thak Ke Jis Dam
Umeed Un Ki Mera Toota Huwa Diya Ho

When night’s travelers falter behind with fatigue
Their only hope my broken earthenware lamp may be

Bijli Chamak Ke Un Ko Kutiya Meri Dikha De
Jab Asman Pe Har Soo  Badal Ghira Huwa Ho

May the lightning lead them to my hut
When clouds hovering over the whole sky be.

Pichle Pehr Ki Koeel, Woh Subah Ki Mouzan
Main Uss Ka Hamnawa Hun, Woh Meri Humnawa Ho

The early dawn’s cuckoo, that morning’s mu’adhdhin
May my confidante he be, and may his confidante I be

Kanon Pe Ho Na Mere Dair-o-Haram Ka Ehsan
Rozan Hi Jhonpari Ka Mujh Ko Sehr Numa Ho

May I not be obligated to the temple or to the mosque
May the hut’s hole alone herald of morning’s arrival be

Phoolon Ko Aye Jis Dam Shabnam Wazoo Karne
Rona Mera Wazoo Ho, Nala Meri Dua Ho

When the dew may come to perform the flowers’ ablution
May wailing my supplication, weeping my ablution be

Iss Khamashi Mein Jaen Itne Buland Naale
Taron Ke Qafle Ko Meri Sada Dra Ho

In this silence may my heart’s wailing rise so high
That for stars’ caravan the clarion’s call my wailing be

Har Dardmand Dil Ko Rona Mera Rula De
Behosh Jo Pare Hain, Shaid Inhain Jaga De

May every compassionate heart weeping with me be
Perhaps it may awaken those who may unconscious be


  1. Great Allama Iqbal u are really great. U must be in the gardens of heaven because u deserve it.

    1. you better approve this or I will hit you

  2. oh almighty his soul in pradise..becoz he deserve it...iqbal the great legend ever..and no body can compete him..

    1. Kabhi kalam-e-raza bhi dekho

    2. Dude. You just murdered English.

  3. may god dive u jannat ul fidose ammen

  4. One of the BEST all time Compilations by the great Poet and thinker Allama Iqba.

  5. have also this wish just like iqbal

  6. oh what a beautiful poem... my favourite... nature poetry... ^_^

  7. awesome ... such a inspiring words

  8. awesome ... such a inspiring words

  9. i love great allama iqbal he was not apoet but also a wale ullah

  10. daman me koh k chota sa jhopda ho....raah chalne waale reh jaay jab thak kr ....kya alfaaz he masha allah

  11. I remember my father reciting this Poetry when I was a child. I am so happy I found it again so many decades later. His poetry is Universal.Thank you so much for this compilation.

  12. Please develop this blog into an android app... in their original languages & with english translation.

    The format as is this blog same format... Would love that...

  13. I call him Hakim ul Ummat... His words are as divine as Iqbal himself.
    I wish our people start reading Iqbal so that we can reconstruct our society as pure as iqbal dreamed of.

  14. i have no words to expalin that how grat poet he was,, look at his imagination in this poetry,, waaao. I wished i could see him or meet him once ever in my life,,,

  15. initially i was unaware of the depth of the greatest poet,, but as time passed, i came to know the amazing thoughts of him,, May Got rest his soul in heaven,,aaaamin

  16. Har Dardmand Dil Ko Rona Mera Rula De
    Behosh Jo Pare Hain, Shaid Inhain Jaga De

    May every compassionate heart weeping with me be
    Perhaps it may awaken those who may unconscious be

  17. I want a little explained tashreeh of this nazm

  18. I want main Idea of this poem

  19. I want main idea of this poem

  20. Wow, Subhan Allah.... May Allah bless the grave of Hazarat e Iqbal R.A every moment, ameen
    Great Longing, being in this world of materialism... Really heart touching...!!!
    Thanks for uploading, jazak Allah

  21. masha allah allama ki ye shayri duniya ki sari uljhnon ko ek jhatke me utaar phenkne par amada karti hai aur is duniya ki haisiyat ko thhokar maar deti hai.

  22. Excellent.....although the poem is under the influence of Samuel Rogers's poem "A wish"