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(Bal-e-Jibril-007) Dilon Ko Markaz-e-Mehar-o-Wafa Kar (دلوں کو مرکز مہر و وفا کر) Make our hearts the seats of mercy and love

Dilon Ko Markaz-e-Mehar-o-Wafa Kar
Hareem-e-Kibriya Se Ashna Kar

Make our hearts the seats of mercy and love,
And make them in Thy thought for ever move;

Jise Naan-e-Jaween Bakhshi Hai Tu Ne
Usse Bazoo-e-Haider (R.A.) Bhi Atta Kar

To one whom gavest Thou poor means to live.
Give the invincible power of Ali (R.A.) the brave.


  1. The piece of advice to those whole have made a resolve in their respective lives that they will eat for themselves and for their children, the lawful livelihood (Rizq e Halal) and Allama prays to Allah for those persons to give them courage, fortitude and steadfastness to face the vagaries of the life in this era where LOOT, PLUNDER, CORRUPTION is the order of the day.

  2. Is there any website where i can copy urdu shariye text