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(Bal-e-Jibril-008) Preshan Ho Ke Meri Khak Akhir Dil Na Ban Jaye

Preshan Ho Ke Meri Khaak Akhir Dil Na Ban Jaye
Jo Mushkil Ab Hai Ya Rab Phir Wohi Mushkil Na Ban Jaye

My scattered dust charged with Love the shape of heart may take at last:
O God, the grief that bowed me then may press me down as in the past!

Na Kar Dain Mujh Ko Majboor-e-Nawa Firdous Mein Hoorain
Mera Souz-e-Daroon Phir Garmi-e-Mehfil Na Ban Jaye

The Maids of Eden by their charm may arouse my urge for song:
The flame of Love that burns in me, May fire the zeal of Celestial Throng!

Kabhi Chhori Huwi Manzil Bhi Yaad Ati Hai Raahi Ko
Khatak Si Hai, Jo Sinay Mein, Gham-e-Manzil Na Ban Jaye

The pilgrim’s mind can dwell at times on spots and stages left behind:
My heed for spots and places crossed, From the Quest may turn my mind!

Banaya Ishq Ne Darya’ay Na-Payda Karan Mujh Ko
Ye Meri Khud Nigahdari Mera Sahil Na Ban Jaye

By the mighty force of Love I am turned to Boundless Deep:
I fear that my self‐regard, Me, for aye, on shore may keep!

Kahin Iss Alam-e-Be-Rang-o-Bu Mein Bhi Talab Meri
Wohi Afsana-e-Dunbala-e-Mehmil Na Ban Jaye

My hectic search for aim and end, In life that smell and hue doth lack,
May get renown like lover’s tale, Who riding went on litter’s track!

Urooj-e-Adam-e-Khaki Se Anjum Sehme Jate Hain
Ke Ye Toota Hua Tara Mah-e-Kamil Na Ban Jaye

The rise of clay‐born man hath smit the hosts of heaven with utter fright:
They dread that this fallen star to moon may wax with fuller light.


  1. bohat khoob mashallah good effort

  2. great poet great poetry i love this poem so much.

    1. Read Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai you will forget all the poets of world

  3. IQbal is IQball no words

  4. One of the best soofi kalaams in Urdu.

  5. One of the best soofi kalaams in Urdu.

  6. one of the Great Soofiana poetry................!!!

  7. Any bdy plz explain this 1,"Preshan Ho Ke Meri Khaak Akhir Dil Na Ban jaye"

  8. also check this below as it explains the main concept of this poem

    "Confused is the nature of my love for Thee,
    And more confused is my song in Thy praise;

    For I sometimes do relish fulfillment,
    At other times, a yearning in my heart."


  10. the conclusion of this poem is that being lover i have no concern with profit(janat), finally when i will be there even have concern to endless LOVE with YOUR SELF(ALLAH PAAK). ALLAH IS ENDLESS so being loving my love or passion will be reborn.

  11. Iqbal Poetry is great but we need to understand the soul of his poetry

  12. Owais Ahmed Ghani4 October 2016 at 22:23

    Iqbal is impossible to translate because the imagery & symbolism that permeate his poetry are particular to urdu & persian culture and cannot be expressed in english. The best option is to "render" Iqbal's poetry in english which enables better metre & rhyme while remaining faithful to the spirit of each verse & to the poet's mood if not his words. I have rendered this poem as follows:

    What if the peace of my grave is shattered by my heart's piercing wail!
    What if my death transmutes to a Life of another Love & Heartbreak Tale!
    What if Eden's Angels & Houris provoke me into a swaying poetic trance!
    What if my verse of Passion Pure propels them into a mad frenetic dance!
    Death cuts off memories of past life; its quests & disconsolations;
    What if my fate be a repeat of ardous journeys to elusive destinations!
    The surging ocean of my Passion-Spiritual enraptures my eye evermore
    What if my Narcissim beguiles me away to some placid lifeless shore?
    Is the valley of the dead an apt home for a Passionate Heart like mine?
    What if there be a repeat of the Palanquin Veil & a Peeping Eye framed by a curvy mascara-line!
    The meteoric rise of Earthly Man fills the stars & planets with concern & intimidation
    What if this fleeting star transforms to a Moon Resplendent, eclipsing every constellation!

    All the imagery in this poem pertains to the spritual world,of course. The inadequacy of worldly languages forces the spiritual poet to rely on the next best option of employing the imagery of love to express his inner spiritual state. I have explained this in more detail in my book on Iqbal's poetry in english "Where the Hunting Eagles Soar"; available in ebook form.

  13. thank you for sharing this here.

  14. I dont think these verses are written by a mortal human.There is definitely some divine intervention.Men like Iqbal are born once in centuries.His poems put my soul on fire.Standing ovation.

  15. Very impressive and enthusiastic poetry.

  16. Amazing rendition Ahmed Ghani

  17. Urooj-e-Adam-e-Khaki Se Anjum Sehme Jate Hain
    Ke Ye Toota Hua Tara Mah-e-Kamil Na Ban Jaye i could not understand this.can i get it in detail somewhere?