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(Bal-e-Jibril-025) Tu Abhi Reh Guzar Mein Hai, Qaid-e-Maqam Se Guzer

(London Mein Likhe Gye)
(Written in London)

Tu Abhi Reh Guzr Mein Hai, Qaid-e-Maqam Se Guzr
Misr-o-Hijaz Se Guzr, Paras-o-Shaam Se Guzr

You are yet region‐bound, Transcend the limits of space;
Transcend the narrow climes of the East and the West.

Jis Ka Amal Hai Be-Gharz, Uss Ki Jaza Kuch Aur Hai
Hoor-o-Khiyaam Se Guzr, Badah-o-Jaam Se Guzr

For selfless deeds of men rewards are less mundane;
Transcend the houris’ glances, the pure, celestial wine.

Garcha Hai Dilkusha Bohat Husn-e-Farang Ki Bahar
Taeerik-e-Buland Baal, Dana-o-Daam Se Guzr

Ravishing in its power is beauty in the West;
You bird of paradise, resist this earthly trap.

Koh Shigaaf Teri Zarb, Tujh Se Kushaad-e-Sharq-o-Gharb
Taigh-e-Hilal Ki Tarah Aesh-e-Niyam Se Guzr

With a mountain‐cleaving assault, bridging the East and West,
Despise all defences, and become a sheathless sword.

Tera Imam Be Huzoor, Teri Namaz Be Suroor
Aesi Namaz Se Guzr, Aese Imam Se Guzr

Your imam is unabsorbed, Your prayer is uninspired,
Forsake an imam like him, forsake a prayer like this


  1. wah I qbal is after all Iqbal..

  2. Iqbal is undoubtedly the greatest poet ever!

  3. Iqbal is undoutedly the greatest poet ever!

    1. Iqbal was not a poet he was telling the inner things which we can't see from the human eye but can be seen with the spiritual eye.
      He said

      Meri nawa e pareshan ko shairi na samajh

      K me hon mehram e raaz duroon e me khana

  4. Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal was a person 1000 year ahead of his time, he has vision of Anmbia, he has vision no body has after him a long time,.

  5. He was not a poet he knew the secrets of this materalistic live.
    He said

    Meri nawa e pareshan ko shairi na samajh
    K me hon mehram e raaz duroon e me khana

  6. Owais Ahmed Ghani4 October 2016 at 22:51

    This poem by Iqbal is actually a CALL TO ARMS to all muslims to challenge the forces of status quo which are causing stagnation in muslim society. The mood of this poem is strident & rebellious which I have tried to capture in the following rendering (not translation!) into english:

    You tread on the path to Evernew Glories! STOP NOT at a wayside inn for repast!
    DWELL NOT of glories of empires past! REST NOT on laurels of achievements past!

    For one who toils on unselfishly; A reward is prepared by the LORD specially!
    SELL NOT thyself cheap for a Houri fair! ASK NOT for red wine of vintage rare!

    Enticing indeed is the gold of the West; Its golden beauties quick to fall in your lap!
    O Proud Hawk, circling the skies for you prey; PECK NOT the seed in this golden trap!

    West & the East wait to be cleansed of false gods; your blows can turn mountains to dust!
    Flash over the world, O Divine Scimitar! STAY NOT in the scabbard to dull & to rust!

    The priests in the Mosques have faithless souls; Their prayers too are as soulless as rocks!
    STAND NOT head bowed in these Soulless Prayers! LET NOT such priests enter your Mosques!

    1. Owais Ahmed Ghani6 October 2016 at 07:02

      Please note corrections in the above:
      1st verse, line 2 = read "DWELL NOT on" instead of "DWELL NOT of"
      3rd verse, line 2 = read "skies for your prey" instead of "skies for you prey"

    2. Has your work been published? I would like to read, if that's the case. Your work is commendable!

    3. Owais Ahmed Ghani30 April 2017 at 06:19

      To OMARA S: Two books have been published; (1) WHERE THE HUNTING EAGLES SOAR
      I belive these are available as ebooks.

    4. @owais Ahmed.. I think yours was the more closer and understandable translation of his kalaam.. good work (Y)

  7. Iqbal wished Muslim youth to be different in attitude, not accepting the slavering of anyone except Allah. Through this piece he teaches Muslims not to be divided in the lines of nations, caste, creed and stand like one millat.
    Love u spiritual master...

  8. This is really amazing. Do you have renderings for more poems of Iqbal? If yes, please do a favour of emailing me:

  9. طائرک بلند بام دانہ و دام سے گزر
    not [Taeerik-e-Buland '''Baal,''' Dana-o-Daam Se Guzr]