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(Bal-e-Jibril-031) Hazar Khof Ho Lekin Zuban Ho Dil Ki Rafeeq

Hazar Khof Ho Lekin Zuban Ho Dil Ki Rafeeq
Yehi Raha Hai Azal Se Qalanderon La Tareeq

A host of peril (danger) though you face, Yet your tongue with heart ally:
From times antique and eternity, Qalandars on this mode rely.

Hajoom Kyun Hai Zaida Sharab Khane Mein
Faqat Ye Baat Ke Peer-e-Mughan Hai Mard-e-Takhleeq

Men congregate in numbers large In the mart where wine is sold,
For polite and courteous seems The Head of Mart, the Magian Old.

Ilaj-e-Zu'af-e-Yaqeen In Se Ho Nahin Sakta
Gareeb Agarcha Hain Razi Ke Nukta Ha'ay Daqeeq

Yet against infirm belief, No cure in them is ever found.
Though the points by Razi touched May be subtle and profound.

Mureed Sada Tou Ro Ro Ke Ho Gaya Ta'eb
Khuda Kare Ke Mile Sheikh Ko Bhi Ye Toufeeq

The disciple blind shed copious tears, Of sinful life he felt contrite.
May God aid the shaykh as well, To feel ashamed and do the right!

Ussi Talism-e-Kuhan Mein Aseer Hai Adam
Baghal Mein Uss Ki Hain Ab Tak Butan-e-Ehad-e-Ateeq

Man is bound still hand and foot, In chains by this talisman old,
For idols of the age of past, Still men within their armpits hold.

Mere Liye Tou Hai Iqrar-e-Bil-Lisan Bhi Bohat
Hazar Shukar Ke Mullah Hain Sahib-e-Tasdeeq

Enough for me that I affirm, With tongue alone my faith and creed:
A thousand thanks for mullah’s claim, That he with heart avows, indeed.

 Agar Ho Ishq Tou Hai Kuffar Bhi Musalmani
Na Ho Tou Mard-e-Musalman Bhi Kafir-o-Zandeeq

As good as Muslim’s true belief, If blessed with Love, unfaith is eke:
Bereft of Love a Muslim true, Is no better than Zindiq.


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  2. Can anyone explain these two lines please

    Agar Ho Ishq Tou Hai Kuffar Bhi Musalmani
    Na Ho Tou Mard-e-Musalman Bhi Kafir-o-Zandeeq

  3. Ek zahiri muslim hota ha namaz sub kuch karta ha magar us k dil main Ishq nae to iska koi faida nae kyunki aisa to munafiq b karte hain. Hazooor S.A.W.A.W. ne kaha k jab tak main kisi Insan ki jaan maal or olad se ziada mehboob na ha jaon tak banda momin nae ban skta. Ishq e Haqeeqi Allah ka Ishq ha or Allah k bad sub se ziada Mehboob Hazoor S.A.W.A.W.

  4. Mafhoom Haidth: Hazoor S.A.W.A.W. ne kaha k koi us waqt tak momin nae ho skta jab tak main us k Jaan o Maal se ziada mehboob na ho jaon. Deen ki bunyad Ishq e Haqeeqi ha. Allah or Allah k Rasool S.A.W.A.W. ki mohabbat ha. Isliye Ishq k baghair Aamaal ka koi faida nae or Agar Ishq hoga to Amal ho hi jayega kyunki jisko Allah or Allah k Rasool S.A.W.A.W. se sachi mohabbat hogi to wo Quran o Sunnat p amal b kare ga

  5. You can explain many ways......
    Eshaq-e-elahi is tauheed...iqbal calls it Khudi sometimes...anyone believing in Allah 'like Najashi' is successful......if tauheed is not in faith of a muslim.....he is not really muslim although he is called
    ( this interpretation is as I understand)

    1. Very true. Yazeed is an example of a so called Muslim who was a hypocrite.he will remain cursed foreverfor his double game in the name of Islam.

  6. It means that those who are absorbed in the love of Allah Almighty, if say something inappropriate is ignored (For example Moulana Room in Mathnavi narrated the story of a shepherd who was displaying his love to Lord in apparently inappropriate manner). However, a claimer of Islam with no Love for Allah Almighty and his Beloved Prophet (Un per drood o salam) is Zandeeq. (Be-aware there is no faith without Love, Hadith)

  7. Hadd e EdRaaK say Baahir hay Baatay Eshq o Mastee Kee... Samajh May Ess Qadar Aaya kay DiL Kee Maut Hay Dooree (IQBAL)