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(Bal-e-Jibril-032) Pooch Uss Se Ke Maqbool Hai Fitrat Ki Gawahi

Pooch Iss Se K Maqbool Hai Fitrat Ki Gawahi
Tu Sahib-E-Manzil Hai K Bahtka Huwa Raahi

Rely on the witness of the phenomenal world
To know whether you are on the mark or have gone astray:

Kafir Hai Musalman To Na Shahi Na Faqeeri
Momin Hai To Karta Hai Faqeeri Mein Bhi Shahi

Neither kingship nor poverty for a Muslim who lacks in faith,
The one who has it is a king even if he be poor.

Kafir Hai To Shamsheer Pe Karta Hai Bharosa
Momin Hai To Be-Taeg Bhi Larta Hai Sipahi

He depends on the sword if he lacks in faith:
If he has faith he may need no weapons in the fight.

Kafir Hai To Hai Taba-E-Taqdeer Musalman
Momin Hai, To Who Aap Hai Taqdeer-E-ILAHI

A Muslim without faith yields to what his fate ordains;
With faith, he is destiny incarnate.

Main Ne To Kiya Parda’ay Asrar Ko Bhi Chaak
Daireena Hai Tera Marz-E-Kaur Nigahi

I revealed the secrets and rent the veil,
But your blindness has no cure


  1. Allama iqbal ko hum kiya comments deh sakty heee wooo toh azeem shahir tehhhhh

  2. its not possible may i comment the allama iqbal

  3. no word i have.

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  5. I dare say, humbly, that if the translator had used the word 'Faithful' or 'Believerl' for Muslim, and 'atheist' for Kafir, it would have Had a larger meaning for the world. Never mind, let's leave it to The learned Iqbql or the Messanger (peace be upon Him) to judge. To my lowly, Hindu mind Iqbql has the highest of place when it comes to a fusion of poetry and prophecy. LOVE CONQuERS AL

    1. I agree and having seen translation again which is a good translation, I do feel that some words do not express the meanings to their best.
      This poem is basically a comparison between Muslims living with Muslim identity and Truly believing people. So even for Muslims who were the addressee of this poem it would have been pertinent to use words believer/faithful and Muslim common folk/social Muslims. Islam exists at more than one level of doctrine. Lowest level is shariah or Muslim law at par with law invoke, higher to that is iman or faith at par with constitution, and higher to that is basic ideology called as ehsan/taqwa/absolute justice and truth. All those human beings who strive for absolute justice based on absolute truth and are in quest of the truth are faithful but people may not distinguish them

      And two other words more suitable would be
      Faqeeri-Unshakable contentness instead of poverty(rises from steadfastness and gratitude to God)
      Daireena-Ages old instead of permanent

    2. My Lowly Hindu friend you'll find that far too many of my fellow pakistani's have bought into the state sponsored notion that Iqbal was a champion of the mainstream muslims of the sobcontinent, when he was anything but.
      My interpretation of momin in this verse is one who realises the state of khudi, while a kafir is one who doesnt believe such a state can exist. The Kalima doesnt even come into play. Earlier in the poem, Iqbal states that "Musalman Sahib-e-Shamsheer thaa duniya mein tu" and in this verse he says. "Kafir Hai Musalman To Na Shahi Na Faqeeri, Momin Hai To Karta Hai Faqeeri Mein Bhi Shahi". He doesnt associate mominhood with musalmaniyat. I might be reading into it, but Iqbal was famous for such small subte hints.
      In either case, Khudi itself is a state which is very much anti othodox islam, for it puts man on the level with God, or atleast advocates that man can reach a state where he can know and understand God, which goes against many verses in the Quran.

  6. Iqbal R.A is a Qaladar indeed.

  7. It would be very difficult or maybe impossible to translate these lines to other languages with the correct feel and punch which the original lines carry (Urdu). Anyway, the above translation is one of the best and thank you.

  8. By Allah (swt) my life experience has verified that people like Sir Iqbal are born with Holy spirit: evidence surah 58: verse 22 and surah 29: verse 43

  9. I can't' have words to praise sir iqbal
    No one is like allama iqbal

  10. i am totally speechless