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(Bal-e-Jibril-034) Dil-e-Baidar Farooqi, Dil-e-Baidar Karrari

Dil Baidar Farooqi, Dil Baidar Karari
Mis-E-Adam Ke Haq Mein Keemiya Hai Dil Ki Baidari

A heart awake to man imparts Umar’s brains and Hyder’s manly parts:
If watchful heart a man may hold, His dross is changed to sterling gold.

Dil-E-Baidar Paida Kar K Dil Khawabida Hai Jab Tak
Na Teri Zarb Hai Kari, Na Meri Zarb Hai Kari

Beget a heart alive and sound, For, if it be in slumber bound,
You cannot strike a deadly blow, Nor even I can daring show.

Mashaam-E-Taiz Se Milta Hai Sehra Mein Nishan Iss Ka
Zan-O-Takhmeen Se Haath Ata Nahin Ahoo’ay Tatari

If sense of smell be full and stunted, The musk‐deer never can be hunted:
If bereft of sense of smelling true, Surmise and guess can yield no clue.

Iss Andeshe Se Zabt-E-Aah Main Karta Rahon Kab Tak
K Munaa Zade Na Le Jaen Teri Qismat Ki Changari

My sighs no more I can withhold, When Muslims’ sloth I do behold:
If Muslims do not mend their way, Magians their luck might steal away.

Khudawanda Ye Tere Sada Dil Bande Kidhar Jaen
Ke Darvaishi Bhi Ayyari Hai, Sultani Bhi Ayyari

These simple thralls of Yours, O Lord, From every house and door are barred:
For kings, no less the acolytes, Are fraudulent and hypocrites.

Mujhe Tehzeeb-E-Hazir Ne Ata Ki Hai Vi Azadi
K Zahir Mein To Azadi Hai, Batin Mein Giraftari

The freedom that this age does grant Does ever freedom’s essence want:
Though freedom seems to outward sight, Yet is no less than prison tight.

Tu Ae MOLA’AY  YASRAB (S.A.W.) ! Ap Meri Chara-Sazi Kar
Meri Danish Hai Afrangi, Mera Iman Hai Zunnari

O Lord of Yathrib (PBUH)! Cure provide For doubts that in my heart abide:
My wisdom to the West is due, Girdled my faith like Brahman true


  1. In fourth couplet word "Mug" has been wrongly written as "Munaa". Please correct the same, Mug Zade refers to fire worshipers. Although English translation is correct.

  2. if someone can help understand the following couplets, will be grateful

    "Khudawanda Ye Tere Sada Dil Bande Kidhar Jaen
    Ke Darvaishi Bhi Ayyari Hai, Sultani Bhi Ayyari"

    1. Simple people don't know who to follow. Follow the dervaish or a Sultan. It means that Darvaish as well as Sultan both know that they are empty inside, don't have any power over anything and their knowledge is very limited but they still pretend.

  3. I found a recitation of this beautiful poetry (Dil-e-Baidar Farooqi, Dil-e-Baidar Karrari) on YouTube.