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(Bal-e-Jibril-033) Ye Hooriyan-e-Farangi, Dil-o-Nazar Ka Hijab

(Qurtuba Mein Likhe Gye)
(Written in Cordoba)

Ye Hooriyan-E-Farangi, Dil-O-Nazar Ka Hijab
Bahisht-E-Magrabiyan, Jalwa Ha’ay Pa Ba-Rakab

These Western nymphs a challenge to the eye and the heart,
Are bold of glance, In a paradise of instant bliss.

Dil-O-Nazar Ka Safina Sanbhal Kar Le Ja
Mah-O-Sitara Hain Behar-E-Wujood Mein Gardab

Thy heart is a wavering ship, Tossed by beauty’s assault
These moons and stars that glisten, Are whirlpools in thy sea.

Jahan-E-Soot-O-Sada Mein Sama Nahin Sakti
Latifa’ay Azali Hai Afghan-E-Ching-O-Rubab

The warblings of the harp and lyre, Have wondrous powers—
Powers that cannot be captured In the world of sound.

Sikha Diye Hain Isse Shewa Haye Khanqahi
Faqeeh-E-Sheher Ko Sufi Ne Kar Diya Kharab

By teaching him the monastic wont and way,
The Sufi has led astray the jurist of the town

Woh Sajda, Rooh-E-Zameen Jis Se Kanp Jati Thi
Ussi Ko Aj Taraste Hain Minber-O-Mehrab

The prostration that once shook the earth’s soul,
Now leaves not a trace on the mosque’s decadent walls.

Suni Na Misar-O-Falasteen Mein Woh Azaan Main Ne
Diya Tha Jis Ne Paharon Ko Raisha’ay Simab

I have not heard in the Arab world the thunderous call
The call to prayer that pierced The hearts of hills in the past.

Hawa-E-Qurtuba ! Shaid Ye Hai Asar Tera
Meri Nawa Mein Hai, Souz-Surroor-E-Ehad-E-Shabab

O Cordoba! Perhaps some magic in thy air
Has breathed into my song The buoyancy of youth.


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