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(Bal-e-Jibril-046) Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye Hai Na Asman Ke Liye

Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye Hai Na Asman Ke Liye
Jahan Hai Tere Liye, Tu Nahin Jahan Ke Liye

You are neither for the earth nor for the heaven:
The world is for you, and not you for the world.

Ye Aqal-o-Dil Hain Sharar Shola-e-Mohabbat Ke
Woh Khaar-o-Khs Ke Liye Hai, Ye Neetan Ke Liye

The sparks Reason and Heart are shed of the flame of Love:
That one to burn the straw, this one for burning the field of reeds.

Maqam-e-Parwarish-e-Aah-o-Nala Hai Ye Chaman
Na Sair-e-Gul Ke Liye Hai Na Ashiyan Ke Liye

This garden is for painful strains:
Neither for enjoying the roses nor for making a nest.

Rahe Ga Ravi-o-Neel-o-Firat Mein Kab Tak
Tera Safina Ke Hai Behar-e-Bekaran Ke Liye!

How long, while your ship remains in Ravi, Nile and Euphrates?
—When it is meant for the Ocean, which knows no bounds.

Nishan-e-Rah Dikhate The Jo Sitaron Ko
Taras Gye Hain Kisi Mard-e-Rah Daan Ke Liye

Once who were beacons to the brightest stars,
Have long been awaiting a guide to show them the way now.

Nigah Buland, Sukhan Dil Nawaz, Jaan Pursouz
Yehi Hai Rakht-e-Safar Mir-e-Karwan Ke Liye

High ambition, winsome speech, a passionate soul—
This is all the luggage for a leader of the Caravan.

Zara Si Baat Thi, Andaisha-e-Ajam Ne Isse
Barha Diya Hai Faqat Zaib-e-Dastan Ke Liye

It was a plain and simple truth but the imagination of the Persian mind
Has confounded it with the poetic license.

Mere Gulu Mein Hai Ek Naghma Jibreel Ashob
Sanbhal Kar Jise Rakha Hai La-Makan Ke Liye

I am saving a song for the Place-less Realm—
A song that could shake even the trusty Gabriel.


  1. kaash hamarey siyast daan baale jibreel parh k hi ramooze mir e karwaan seekh lein

  2. To the lovers of Iqbal's poetry ,do comment on the verses your soul is moved with .

    1. Simple truth..beautiful expression..Genius Allama Iqbal RA

  3. maqam e parvarish e aah o naala hai yeh chaman ...
    na sair e gul key liye hai, na aashiyan key liye ...

  4. great poetry and love you sir

  5. Beautiful I am moved with every verse . .

  6. Rahe Ga Ravi-o-Neel-o-Firat Mein Kab Tak
    Tera Safina Ke Hai Behar-e-Bekaran Ke Liye! ♡♡

  7. Great Iqbal, takes us in deep thoughts.

  8. What does Iqbal mean with the last verse? What is the song that would shake even Gabriel? I'm new to Urdu and Urdu poetry so thank you for any help understanding this poetry.

  9. May God Bless Iqbal's soul

  10. Dear Anonymous
    Last verse is not translated properly. " Mere Gulu " means my throat, and implies my poetry. " Naghma Jibreel " Literally means a poem of Jibreel, and here it is easily the transmission from Jibreel. It is easy to understand, that it means a kalam or Ayah of Quran. " Ashob " in Persian , means many things, but the one that fits best is " restless "
    Best meaning is " that my throat has a restless Kalam, waiting to come out ( a saying from Allah's message).
    But I am keeping it , carefully, till I meet God ( La Makan - one who has no limits, and is not restricted by space. )
    If any Urdu/Persian linguist can shed further light, please enlighten us.

  11. Please tell whether it is a 'ghazal' or 'Nazam' ..

  12. Kya qalaam hai . Waah !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Can someone please tell me what does safina mean? A boat or a ship ?

  14. nighah buland sukhan dil nawaz is shir pe koi guftgoo kar sakta hai?km se km 350 words?

  15. Dear friends it hurts me to the core...with leaders like Iqbal...with such clear messages to us...why are we not better Muslims and human beings...I learnt Bengali not Urdu when I was in school, but by God these lines cut through my soul.
    Dear friends let us unite, bring peace more killing in the name of religion..never shall a Muslim be a threat to another Muslim or another human being..we should be beautiful reflections of islam in our own