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(Bal-e-Jibril-047) Tu Ae Aseer-e-Makan ! La Makan Se Door Nahin

Tu Ae Aseer-E-Makan! La-Makan Se Door Nahin
Woh Jalwagah Tere Khakdan Se Door Nahin

O Prisoner of Space! You are not far from the Placeless Realm—
That Audience Hall is not far away from your planet.

Woh Marghzar Ke Beem-E-Khazan Nahin Jis Mein
Ghameen Na Ho Ke Tere Ashiyan Se Door Nahin

Grieve not, for a meadow that faces no threat
from the Autumn, is not far away from your nest.

Ye Hai Khulasa-E-Ilm Qalandari Ke Hiyat
Khadang-E-Jasta Hai Lekin Kaman Se Door Nahin

The gist of all Gnostic knowledge is merely this:
That life is an arrow spent and yet from the bow it is not too far!

Faza Teri Mah-O-Parveen Se Hai Zara Agay
Qadam Uthao, Ye Maqam Asman Se Door Nahin

Your station lies a little ahead of all the stars and Pleiades:
Move on, for it is not a long way from the skies.

Kahe Na Rahnuma Se Ke Chor De Mujh Ko
Ye Baat Rahroo Nukta Dan Se Door Nahin

Lest he asks the guide to let him be!
It would be no surprise from a traveler who thinks too much.