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(Bal-e-Jibril-104) Khirad Se Rahru Roshan Basar Hai

Khirad Se Rahru Roshan Basar Hai
Khirad Kya Hai, Charagh-e-Rah Guzar Hai

Reason makes the traveller sharp‐sighted.
What is reason? It is a lamp that lights up our path.

Duroon-e-Khana Hangame Hain Kya Kya
Charagh-e-Rah Guzar Ko Kya Khabar Hai!

The commotion raging inside the house—
What does the traveller’s lamp know of it!

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  1. Thats mean that reason is nothing, its only a lamp. We should not follow it blindly but we should follow the light which comes through Quran and Sunnah which has dual effect, lighten up outside and inside simultaneously.