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(Bal-e-Jibril-140) Nasihat


Bacha-e-Shaheen Se Kehta Tha Auqab-e-Saal Khurd (Purana, Tajarba kaar)
Ae Tere Shehpar Pe asan Riffat-e-Charkh-e-Bareen

An eagle full of years to a young hawk said—
Easy your royal wings through high heaven spread:

Hai Shabab Apne Lahoo Ki Aag Mein Jalne Ka Naam
Sakht Koshi Se Hai Talakh-e-Zindagaani Angbeen

To burn in the fire of our own veins is youth!
Strive, and in strife make honey of life’s gall;

Jo Kabootar Par Jhapatne Mein Maza Hai Ae Pisar!
Woh Maza Shaid Kabootar Ke Lahoo Mein Bhi Nahin

Maybe the blood of the pigeon you destroy,
My son, is not what makes your swooping joy!


  1. bohat he khoob Ashaar hain! :)

  2. khatam! Allama saab kamaal he ker di idhr

  3. I wounder how could muslims stay unaware about such great person ...

  4. Allah Karim sheikh sahib ko jannat main aala muqam ata farmye aameen