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(Bal-e-Jibril-141) Lala'ay Sehra

Ye Gunbad-e-Meenai, Ye Alam-e-Tanhai
Mujh Ko To Darati Hai Iss Dasht Ki Pehnayi

Oh blue sky‐dome, oh world companionless!
Fear comes on me in this wide desolation.

Bhatka Huwa Raahi Main, Bhatka Huwa Raahi Tu
Manzil Hai Kahan Teri Ae Lala-e-Sehrayi!

Lost travellers, you and I; what destination
Is yours, bright poppy of the wilderness?

Khali Hai Kaleemon Se Ye Koh-o-Qamar Warna
Tu Shoala-e-Seenayi, Mein Shoala-e-Seenayi!

No prophet walks these hills, or we might be
Twin Sinai‐flames; you bloom on Heaven’s spray

Tu Shakh Se Kyun Phoota, Main Shakh Se Kyun Toota
Ek Jazba-e-Paidayi, Ek Lazzat-e-Yaktayi!

For the same cause I tore myself away:
To unfold; to be our selves, our wills agree.

Ghawwas-e-Mohabbat Ka Allah Nigheban Ho
Har Qatra-e-Darya Mein Darya Ki Hai Gehrayi

On the diver of Love’s pearl‐bank be God’s hand—
In every ocean‐drop all ocean’s deeps!

Uss Mouj Ke Matam Mein Roti Hai Bhanwar Ki Ankh
Darya Se Uthi Lekin Sahil Se Na Takrayi

The whirlpool mourning for its lost wave weeps,
Born of the sea and never to reach the land.

Hai Garmi-e-Adam Se Hungama-e-Alam Garam
Sooraj Bhi Tamashayi, Tare Bhi Tamashayi

Man’s hot blood makes earth’s fevered pulses race,
With stars and sun for audience.

Ae Bad-e-Biyani! Mujh Ko Bhi Anayat Ho
Khamoshi-o-Dil Souzi, Sar Masti-o-Raanayi!

Oh cool air Of the desert! Let it be mine too to share
In silence and heart‐glow, rapture and grace.


  1. aaaalllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. May ALlah kep this great soul by his own side in the best part of the heaven and bless us with the same flow in poetry...Aameen

    1. sahil uncle thankyou very much for introducing such a nice wanted link

  3. Replies
    1. I have to agree with Hashim Khan, this translation IS horrible indeed

    2. This is one of the standard translations available. Most of the Iqbal scholars will agree with it. Get some air. I doubt you have ever read any other translation of Iqbal or any other poet for that matter.

  4. Alama was one of the greatest teacher of AQEDDAH faith for this Ummah. Allahj grant him Jannat. Both his farsi and urdo poetry is worth to cry for. Abdullah from Afghanistan.

  5. Really bad translation of this masterpiece.. why didn't you translate "kaleem" witg Moosa..?? So that one can understand the actual meaning of sho'ala e seenaai.. makhi pr makhi maari hai aapne translation k.naam pr..

    1. Ae sehra k phool

      Oh this skydrome this world of loneliness,
      The wears of this desert scares my selfness.

      Lost travellers are you and me where is your destination oh poppy of the desert,
      Empty of speakers(kaleem is the one saying kalaam"sentence") is this desert otherwise
      You and i both have fires in our hearts.

      Why did you blossom from the branch
      Why did i break from the branch,
      Ones passion to Be ones passiom to become.

      God protect whoever dives in love,
      Every drop of the ocean has the depth of the sea.

      The whirlpool of the eye mourns on the wave,
      That rose from the sea but did not hit the shore.

      The world's commotion is hot because of human heat,
      And the stars and sun are just audiences.

      Oh air of wilderness grant me
      Silence and sympathy, rapture and grace

  6. Translation is so poor.

  7. Translation is not horrible but it is difficult to understand for the most. It should be elaborative and simpler so that one may reach the meaning straight away.