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(Bang-e-Dra-071) Kali

The Bud

Jab Dikhati Hai Sehar Ariz-e-Rangeen Apna
Khol Deti Hai Kali Seena-e-Zarren Apna

When the bud shows itself in the morning’s fresh beauty
It reveals at that moment its bosom of gold:

Jalwa Ashaam Haiye Subah Ke Mai Khane Mein
Zindagi Iss Ki Hai Khursheed Ke Pemane Mein

It quaffs sparkling wine from the tavern of dawning
And draws from sun’s goblet the life it can hold.

Samne Mehr Ke Dil Cheer Ke Rakh Deti Hai
Kis Qadar Seena Shagafi Ke Maze Leti Hai

It rends the sun’s heart, its own head extending:
And oh: what delight it has of that rending.

Mere Khusheed! Kabhi Tu Bhi Utha Apni Naqab
Beher-e-Nazara Tarapti Hai Nigah-e-Betaab

At times, o sun of mine, you too raise your veil:
As the glamour of my gaze spins all restless apace.

Tere Jalwe Ka Nasheman Ho Mere Seene Mein
Aks Abad Ho Tera Mere Aaeene Mein

Let the heat of thy radiance in me find abode
And that vision’s reflection fill all mirror’s space.

Zindagi Ho Tera Nazara Mere Dil Ke Liye
Roshni Ho Teri Gehwara Mere Dil Ke Liye

Let your gleaming become at the life of my heart
And my soul in your light as in cradle‐bed swing.

Zarra Zarra Ho Mera Phir Tarb Andoz-e-Hayat
Ho Ayan Johar-e-Andesha Mein Phir Souz-e-Hayat

And little by little bring again flowing joy
In my grief shining clear as the jewel in a ring.

Apne Khursheed Ka Nazara Karun Door Se Mein
Sifat-e-Guncha Hum Agosh Rahun Noor Se Mein

The vision of you let me put far away
And just like a bud live in your lap of light.

Jaan-e-Muztar Ki Haqiqat Ko Namayan Kar Doon
Dil Ke Poshida Khiyalon Ko Bhi Uryan Kar Doon

Let me bare to its nakedness my hidden thought;
Make plain all the truth of being’s sad plight.

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