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(Bang-e-Dra-072) Chand Aur Tare

Chand Aur Tare
Moon And Stars

Darte Darte Dam-e-Sehar Se
Tare Kehne Lage Qamar Se

Trembling at the chill breath of dawn
The fearful stars said to the moon:

Nazare Rahe Wohi Falak Par
Hum Thak Bhi Gaye Chamak Chamak Kar

‘About us lies heaven’s changeless scene
Where wearied we must shine, still shine,

Kaam Apna Hai Subah-o-Shaam Chalna
Chalna, Chalna, Madaam Chalna

Tasked to move on, on, morn and eve—
To move, to move, for ever move!

Betaab Hai Iss Jahan Ki Har Shay
Kehte Hain Jise Sukoon, Nahin Hain

No creature of this world knows rest,
Nowhere can fabled peace exist,

Rehte Hain Sitam Kash-e-Safar Sub
Tare, Insan, Shajar, Hajar Sub

All things condemned by tyrant laws
To wander, stars, men, rocks, and tress—

Ho Ga Kabhi Khatam Ye Safar Kya
Manzil Kabhi Aye Gi Nazar Kya

But shall this journeying ever end,
Ever a destination find?’

Kehne Laga Chand, Hum Nasheeno
Ae Mazra-e-Shab Ke Khausha Cheeno!

‘Oh my companions,’ said the moon,
‘You who night’s harvest‐acres glean,

Junbish Se Hai Zindagi Jahan Ki
Ye Rasm Qadeem Hai Yahan Ki

On motion all this world’s life hangs:
Such is the ancient doom of things.

Hai Dorta Ashab-e-Zamana
Kha Kha Ke Talab Ka Taziyana

Swift runs the shadowy steed of time
Lashed by desire’s whip into foam,

Iss Reh Mein Maqam Be-Mehel Hai
Poshida Qarar Mein Ajal Hai

And there’s no loitering on that oath,
For hidden in repose lurks death:

Chalne Wale Nikl Gye Hain
Jo Thehre Zra, Kuchal Gye Hain

They that press on win clear—the late,
The laggard, trampled underfoot.

Anjaam Hai Iss Kharaam Ka Husn
Aghaz Hai Ishq, Intihaa Husn

And what the goal of all this haste?—
Its cradle love, beauty its quest.’


  1. Really awsum work..

    All Alam's poetry is inspiring for me and it's amazinging and we can make it our role model to bring improvements in our society along within our selves.

  2. sharmindah kar diya pakistan

  3. no words to describe Iqbal

  4. It's simply outstanding the creativity

  5. jo chal diye sath mere
    the ham nawa wo raah guzar ke tare

  6. need a summary for this poem in easy urdu please ... anyone?

    1. need a summary too for this poem in easy urdu please ...

  7. Thank you very much. I copy this page to my blog. Thank you... I love Sir Muhammad Iqbal

  8. Need a summary for tgis poem in easy urdu. Can any one help?

  9. Need a summary for tgis poem in easy urdu. Can any one help?

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