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(Bang-e-Dra-102) Wataniyat (وطنیت) Patriotism

(Yani Watan Bahesiat Aik Siasi Tasawwur Ke)

(As a Political Concept)

Iss Dour Mein Mai Aur Hai, Jaam Aur Hai Jam Aur
Saqi Ne Bina Ki Rawish-e-Lutf-o-Sitam Aur

In this age the wine, the cup, even Jam is different
The cup‐bearer started different ways of grace and tyranny

Muslim Ne Bhi Tameer Kiya Apna Haram Aur
Tehzeeb Ke Azar Ne Tarshawaye Sanam Aur

The Muslim also constructed a different harem of his own
The Azar of civilization made different idols of his own

In Taza Khudaon Mein Bara Sub Se Watan Hai
Jo Pairhan Iss Ka Hai, Woh Mazhab Ka Kafan Hai

Country, is the biggest among these new gods!
What is its shirt is the shroud of Deen (Religion)

Ye But Ke Tarashida-e-Tehzeeb-e-Nawi Hai
Gharatgar-e-Kashana-e-Deen-e-Nabwi Hai

This idol which is the product of the new civilization
Is the plunderer of the structure of the Holy Prophet’s Deen (Religion)

Bazu Tera Touheed Ki Quwwat Se Qawi Hai
Islam Tera Dais Hai, Tu Mustafavi Hai

Your arm is enforced with the strength of the Divine Unity
You are the followers of Mustafa, your country is Islam

Nazzara-e-Dairina Zamane Ko Dikha De
Ae Mustafavi Khak Mein Iss Butt Ko Mila De!

You should show the old panorama to the world
O Mustafaa’s follower! You should destroy this idol

Ho Qaid-e-Maqami To Nateeja Hai Tabahi
Reh Behar Mein Azad-e-Watan Soorat-e-Mahi

The limitation to country results in destruction
Live like the fish in the ocean free from country

Hai Tark-e-Watan Sunnat-e-Mehboob (S.A.W.)-e-Elahi
De Tu Bhi Nabuwwat Ki Sadaqat Pe Gawahi

Renouncing the country is the way of the God’s Beloved (PBUH)
You should also testify to the Prophethood’s Truth by similar action

Guftar-e-Siasat Mein Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai
Irshad-e-Nabuwwat Mein Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai

In political parlance country is something different
In Prophet’s command country is something different

Aqwam-e-Jahan Mein Hai Raqabat To Issi Se
Taskheer Hai Maqsood-e-Tajarat To Issi Se

The antagonism among world’s nations is created by this alone
Subjugation as the goal of commerce is created by this alone

Khali Hai Sadaqat Se Siasat To Issi Se
Kamzor Ka Ghar Hota Hai Gharat To Issi Se

Politics have become bereft of sincerity is by this alone
The destruction of the home of the weak is by this alone

Aqwam Mein Makhlooq-e-Khuda Batti Hai Iss Se
Qoumiat-e-Islam Ki Jar Katti Hai Iss Se

God’s creation is unjustly divided among nations by it
The Islamic concept of nationality is uprooted by it


  1. One of the most amazing poems from one of the greatest poets in the world.

    Thank you so very much for making it possible for us to find it on the internet.

  2. Indeed one of the greatest poems. He said things more than hundred years ago which are still valid as human nature is never changed. Its only faces that keep changing. He has many such master pieces. Allah Iqbal ko jaza-e-khaer dae. Ameen. Great share. Thanks a million.

  3. With ALLAH's will and help, Muhammad Iqbal (Hakeem ul Ummat) used poetry as a medium to present the pure, genuine and original Islam.
    His work on the theme of Renaissance of Islam originates from Qur'aan and Sunnat.

    I am amazed how he got such a true love for RasoolULLAH (sallallahu alaeyhi wasallam) and deep understanding of Islam Quraan and Sunnah. ALLAH blessed him with 'Hikmat' (wisdom) and 'Baseerat' (intuitively knowing and reaching the crux of a matter).

  4. May ALLAH reward and forgive Muhammad Iqbal and all Muslims. Aameen

  5. jazak Allah for bringing this great work to us

  6. how true it is like in third world countries billions of population is confined to their territories in misery with freedom granted to the elite class which act as a Jailor to keep them confined and the fruit of their efforts and their hardwork is shared amongst the Jailor Class and the class above that; if you look around that's what you'll find everywhere even in G8 countries. But its most effected victims are us who are spending their lives in the 3rd world.

  7. Subhan-Allah
    Unparallel approach..

  8. May Allah rest his soul in peace, he had a great vision and told muslims to be cautious.

    Ki Muhammad say wafa tunay tu hum teray hain
    yeah jahaan cheez hai kia, loh-e-kalm tery hain

    Thanks for making it on NET, Jazak Allah

  9. greatest poem ever written .............

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    1. Br. Raoon Kundi pl send the corrected translation to the owners of this website so that they can update and we can get more benefit out of it. Allah aapko jaza e khaer de Ameen. We have very few ppl left who can understand Iqbal now, if you could help, it will be a great contribution to revive Iqbaliaat. Thanks.

    2. Can u please explain me the meaning of first two lines???...Jazakallahu khairan

  11. In Taza Khudao Main Bara Sab Say Watan Hay.

  12. Speechless.......!ankhaun se ansu nikal rahen hain ye poem badhne k bad.! is poetry mein sacchai hai.

  13. a great masterpiece work developed by you people. helpful for students lke me.

  14. Subhan Allah, he truly was an "ilhami" shair, each verse is so well put together and the meaning of each sher is so deep that it could a whole book to explain it with so much backing evidence. May Allah shower his blessings upon Dr Iqbal and may the nation and whole ummah understand this philosophy, being divided in smaller nations we are being beaten everywhere in the world today.

  15. Iqbal had great foresight and the fall of Khilafah due to a final blow by Turk nationalism (not to forget the role played by Arab nationalism) was a testimony that Ummah will be divided based on this new allegiance. May Allah make the ummah understand the importance of khilafah and may Allah shower his blessings upon Iqbal's soul.


  17. ya nazam itni bari hay kay maray pass alfaz nahi hain kay is per tabsara karon.Allah Iqbal ko janatulferdos jmay jaga day ameen.

  18. wah iqbal taray deess ka kya hall sunao?

  19. lagta hai aj k is sawal ka jawab dya gaya hai k do qowmi nazrya tha b ya nai

  20. Those who said that the poem about Husain Ahmed Madani don't belong to Allama Iqbal amy also claim that this one don't belong to him either because the idea in both poems is the same!!!!!

  21. The true guideline for Muslims to strive for Khilafat. Great verses written by a great philosopher.

  22. Great verses by a great philosopher and poet. A true guideline for Muslims of the world to strive for Khilafat.

  23. iqbal ane wale waqt ke khatrat ko na sirf bhanp leta hae blke un ka ilaj bi bta deta he ye or bat ke hum us pe amal na kr skein

  24. Well said Mr rehan. .........

  25. An opener for people of Pakistan who have fallen victim to extreme nationalism. Their patriotism has superseded their religion. This poem is not meant to inspire you to bring back Khilafa but asking Muslims not love their country to such as extent that it becomes your idol...a modern idol of course.

  26. wonderful donation of your time, skills and money for the youth, Keep it up,

  27. the biggest challege of humanity today the root of all evil and wars.

  28. The biggest hurdle in our way to Khilafa are the Muslim rulers first and then their Western friends. We will keep on acquiring disgust and curse till we are ready for unification as Ummah.

  29. Makki se madani Honda he Islam ki Bunyan hay

  30. Remakable poem and bitter truth of this era.
    May Allah save us all from shirk.

  31. Great lesson in short words (Allama Iqbal's one poetry gives a amazing lesson). Thanks to those who have kept this wonderful job of sharing these beautiful poetries.

  32. This is the real face of Nation States crafted cleverly by intellectuals of New World Order. Allama Iqbal warns Muslims about this Un Islamic theory which disintegrates Muslims into narrow minded geographical divisions. We Muslims are a part of a greater Muslim Brotherhood which defends the honour and life of any Muslim of any area without caste and creed.

    1. If you are able to look past the nation states, then surely with just a bit more effort you can look past a group of people - Muslims. We humans - the sons and daughters of Adam - are part of a greater brotherhood - the human brotherhood - which defends the life and honor of any human of any area without petty distinctions of cast and creed!

  33. we in pakistan unfortunately have also made our nation our demi god.the concept of sub say pehlai pakistan cut the roots of muslim faith in pakistani nation

  34. My favourite poet☺

  35. Great Iqbal, Great Poetry and of course Great Work done by you... JAZAK ALLAH.☺

  36. how does pakistan fit into this definiti0n?

    1. Pakistan does not fit but ISLAM.
      Pakistan also came into being by the base of islam but unfortunately nobody establish complete islam in pakistan.

  37. I like Allama Iqbal as a National Poet, A hero in history and a Man who gave the idea of freedom to the Muslims of Subcontinent.

    Allama Iqbal Essay in English

    1. Brother Asalamualakum
      As this poem is about watniyat that Iqbal has thrown light on the dark phase of nationalism and tought Muslims the extreme and dark consequences of being a nationalist and believing in nationalism is kufr and disbelief

      So please dont confine Iqbal as a national poet of pakistan
      He himself rejects this in his nazm

      Please ignore and forgive me if i am wrong and correct me please for the sake of Allah

      Love you my brother

  38. One of the greatest sayings by IQBAL. Unfortunately no one has drawn attention to this aspect of Muslim and Nation in this current era except Dr. Israr(May his soul rest in peace).

  39. is poetry ki urdu main kahen explanation ni milri :( i mean har jaga eng me translate kiya gaya hy asan urdu main nhi .

  40. Butaan e Rang o Khun ko chore k millat men gum ho jaa!
    Na tu Rani rahay baaqi, Na Irani, Na Afghnistani

  41. agr aj Sir iqbal hote to me unke paon choom leta... unke jesa vision ksi ko nai mla na ksi alim ko or na hi ksi sufi ko.