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(Bang-e-Dra-146) Musalman Aur Taleem-e-Jadeed

Musalman Aur Taleem-e-Jadeed
The Muslims And Modern Education

Tazmeen Bar-Shair-e-Malik Qumi
(Includes a Verse of Malik Qumi)

Murshid Ki Ye Taleem Thi Ae Muslim-e-Shourida Sar
Lazim Hai Rahru Ke Liye Dunya Mein Saman-e-Safar

The preceptor’s teaching was, “O foolish Muslim!
“Necessary preparations are incumbent on the traveler

Badly Zamane Ki Hawa, Aesa Taghiyur Aa Gya
The Jo Garan Qeemat Kabhi, Ab Hain Mataa-e-Kas Makhar

The world’s ways have changed, such changes have come that
Those who were invaluable once are not even saleable now

Woh Shaola Roshan Tera, Zulmat Grezan Jis Se Thi
Ghat Kar Huwa Misl-e-Sharar Taare Se Bhi Kam Noor Tar

That bright flame of yours from which darkness escaped
Now is reduced to a spark, less bright than stars

Shedai-e-Ghaeeb Na Reh, Diwana-e-Moujood Ho
Ghalib Hai Ab Aqwam Par Mabood-e-Hazir Ka Asar

Cease to be the Invisible’s Lover, be the visible’s lover
Now influence of the visible God is triumphant over nations

Mumkin Nahin Iss Bagh Mein Kosish Ho Bar Awar Teri
Farsooda Hai Phanda Tera, Zeerak Hai Murgh-e-Taiz Par

In this garden success for your efforts is not possible
Your snare is worn out and the fast‐flying bird is clever

Iss Dour Mein Taleem Hai Amraz-e-Millat Ki Dawa
Hai Khoon-e-Fasid Ke Liye Taleem Misl-e-Nashetar

In this age education is the cure for nations’ maladies
Education is like a lancet for the diseased blood”

Rahbar Ke Aema Se Huwa Taleem Ka Souda Mujhe
Wajib Hai Sehra-Gard Par Taameel-e-Farman-e-Khizar

By the leader’s suggestions love of education developed in me
Obeying the command of Khidar is incumbent on the wanderer of the wilderness

Lekin Nigah-e-Nukta Been Dekhe Zuboon Bakhti Meri
“Raftam Ke Khar Az Paksham, Mehmil Nihan Shad Az Nazar

But the discerning eye should see my misfortune
“Went to pull thorn from foot, the litter disappeared from the sight

Yak Lehza Ghafil Ghastam-o-Sad Sala Ra Hum Door Shad”

I was negligent for a moment it moved by a hundred years”

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