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(Bang-e-Dra-148) Tazmeen Bar Shair-e-Saa'ib

Tazmeen Bar-Shair-e-Saeeb
Based On A Verse Of Sa’ib

Kahan Iqbal Tu Ne Aa Banaya Ashiyan Apna
Nawa Iss Bagh Mein Bulbul Ko Hai Saman-e-Ruswai

O Iqbal! In what a place you have constructed your nest
In this garden song is the prelude to nightingale’s disgrace!

Sharare Wadi-e-Ayman Ke Tu Bota To Hai Lekin
Nahin Mumkin Ke Phoote Iss Zameen Se Tukhme-e-Seenai

Though you are planting the sparks of the Valley of Aiman
Sprouting of seed of Sinai is not possible in this soil

Kali Roz-e-Nafas Se Bhi Wahan Gul Ho Nahin Sakti
Jahan Har Shay Ho Mehroom-e-Taqazaye Khud Afzai

 The bud cannot be a flower even with the force of breath
Where everything is devoid of the exigency of self‐development

Qayamat Hai Ke Fitrat Sou Gyi Ahl-e-Gulistan Ki
Na Hai Baidar Dil Peeri, Na Himmat Khawah Barnai

Outrageous that the nature of garden’s denizens is asleep
Neither old age’s heart is awake nor the youth is courageous

Dil Agah Jab Khawabida Ho Jate Hain Seenon Mein
Nawa Gar Ke Liye Zaherab Hoti Hai Shakar Khai

When the intelligent hearts fall asleep in breasts
For the singer sweet music is changed to poison

Nahin Zabt-e-Nawa Mumkin To Urh Ja Iss Gulistan Se
Ke Iss Mehfil Se Khoshtar Hai Kisi Sehra Ki Tanhai

Fly away from this garden if music’s restraint is impossible
As better than this assembly is the seclusion of some wilderness

“Haman Behtar Ke Laila Dar Bayan Jalwa Gar Bashad
Nadarad Tangnaye Sheher  Taab-e-Husn Sehrai”

“Manifestation of Lailah is much better in wilderness
City’s strait is unable to contain wilderness’ beauty”

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