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(Bang-e-Dra-149) Firdous Mein Aik Muqalma

Firdous Mein Aik Muqalma
A Conversation In Paradise

Hatif Ne Kaha Mujh Se Ka Firdous Mein Ek Roz
Haali Se Mukhatib Huwe Yun Saadi-e-Sheeraz

Hatif said to me that in Paradise one day
Sa’di of Shiraz addressed Hali in this way

Ae Ankah Za-Noor-e-Guhar-e-Nazam-e-Falak Taab
Daman Ba Charagh-e-Mah-o-Akhtar Zada Aee Baaz!

“O with the pearl of whose poetry’s sky-illuminating light
The falcon became companion of moon and stars’ light!

Kuch Kaifiat-e-Muslim-e-Hindi To Bayan Kar
Wa Mandah-e-Manzil Hai Ke Masroof-e-Tag-o-Taaz

Relate to me what the story of the Indian Muslim is
Is he lagging at the halt or busy in exertion is?

Mazhab Ki Hararat Bhi Hai Kuch Iss Ki Ragon Mein?
Thi Jis Ki Falak Souz Kabhi Garmi-e-Awaz

Is some warmth of din left in his veins?
The heat of whose call was once burning the sky”

Baaton Se Huwa Sheikh Ki Haali Mutasir
Ro Ro Ke Laga Kehne K "Ae Sahib-e-Ijaz

Hali was moved by the talk of the Shaikh
He started weeping and saying, “O man of miracles!

Jab Peer-e-Falak Ne Waraq-e-Ayyam Ka Ulta
Ayi Ye Sada, Pao Ge Taleem Se Azaaz

When the sky turned over the leaf of time
The call came that respect was possible only with education!

Aya Hai Magar Iss Se Aqeedaton Mein Tazalzal
Dunya To Mili, Taeer-e-Deen Kar Gya Parwaz

But this has produced wavering in fundamental beliefs
Secular benefits were obtained, but din had been undermined

Deen Ho To Maqasid Mein Bhi Paida Ho Bulandi
Fitrat Hai Jawanon Ki Zameen-Geer, Zameen Taza

Goals also become exalted if the din is preserved
The youth’s nature is paralyzed and very low keyed

Mazhab Se Hum Ahangi-e-Afrad Hai Baqi
Deen Zakhma Hai, Jamiat-e-Millat Hai Agar Saaz

Concordance among individuals is kept only with din
Din is the plectrum if national congregation is the musical instrument

Bunyad Laraz Jaye Jo Deewar-e-Chaman Ki
Zahir Hai Ke Anjaam-e-Gulistan Ka Hai Aghaz

If the foundation of the garden’s wall is shaken
It is clearly the beginning of the garden’s end

Pani Na Mila Zamzam-e-Millat Se Jo Iss Ko
Paida Hain Nayi Poud Mein Ilhaad Ke Andaz

As the water of Zamzam was not available to it
Some manner of atheism is appearing in the new progeny

Ye Zikr Huzoor-e-Shah-e-Yasrab (S.A.W.) Mein Na Karna
Samjhain Na Kahin Hind Ke Muslim Mujhe Ghammaz

Do not talk of this in the audience of the Lord of Yathrib
Lest Muslims of India consider that this is my back‐biting”

‘Khurma Natawan Yafat Azan Khar Ke Kashteeam
Deeba Natawan Bafat Azan Pashem Ke Rashteeam”

Dates cannot be obtained from the weeds we have sown
Brocade cannot be obtained from the wool we have spun”

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