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(Bang-e-Dra-151) Jang-e-Yarmook Ka Aik Waqia

Jang-e-Yarmook Ka Aik Waqia
An Incident Of The Battle Of Yarmuk

Saf Basta The Arab Ke Jawanan-e-Taeghband
Thi Muntazir Hina Ki Uroos-e-Zameen-e-Shaam

The armed Arab youth were arrayed for battle
The bride of Syria’s land was waiting for myrtle

Ek Naujawan Soorat-e-Seemab Muztarib
Aa Kar Huwa Ameer-e-Asakar Se Hum Kalam

A young man who was restless like mercury
Approaching the army’s general started saying

Ae Bu-Ubaidah (R.A.) Rukhsat-e-Paikaar De Mujhe
Labraiz Ho Gya Mere Sabr-o-Sakoon Ka Jaam

“O Abu ‘Ubaidah grant me permission to fight
The cup of my patience and calm is full

Be Taab Ho Raha Hun Mein Firaaq-e-Rasool (S.A.W.) Mein
Ek Dam Ki Zindagi Bhi Mohabbat Mein Hai Haraam

I am becoming impatient in the Holy Prophet’s separation
In his Love even a moment’s life has become hard

Jata Hun Mein Huzoor-e-Risalat Panah (S.A.W.) Mein
Le Jaun Ga Khushi Se Agar Ho Koi Peyam

As I am going to the Holy Prophet’s audience
I shall gladly convey if there is any message”

Ye Zauq-o-Shauq Dekh Kar Purnam Huwi Woh Ankh
Jis Ki Nigah Thi Safat-e-Taegh-e-Benayam

The general’s eye, whose sight was like an unsheathed sword,
Noticing this zeal and fervor was moist with tears

Bola Ameer-e-Fouj Ke “Woh Naujawan Hai Tu
Peeron Pet Ere Ishq Ka Wajib Hai Ehtaram

The army’s general exclaimed., “You are that young man
The respect for whose Love is binding on the elders

Pure Kare Khuda’ay Muhammad (S.A.W.) Teri Murad
Kitna Buland Teri Mohabbat Ka Hai Maqam!

May the God of Muhammad fulfill your wish
How elegant is the stage of your Love!

Pohanche Jo Bargah-e-Rasool-e-Ameen (S.A.W.)  Mein Tu
Karna Ye Arz Meri Taraf Se Pas Az Salam

When you arrive in the audience of the Holy ProphetPresent this petition with my sincere compliments

Hum Par Karam Kiya Hai Khuda’ay Ghayoor Ne
Puray Huwe Jo Wade Kiye The Huzoor (S.A.W.) Ne”

“The Exalted God has shown His Mercy to us
Have been fulfilled all the promises You had made to us.”


  1. this is a very great blog about the Allama iqbal. iqbal is the best peot of the world his poetry is very wonderful keep it up have a very good day. thanks for sharing.

  2. this is a amazing poem of allma iqbal that shows a great love with the Holy Prophet S.A.W. i like it very much please keep it up this blog fpr the people. thanks for the Sharing

  3. it is indeed a marvelous poem by iqbal

  4. plz give the summary of dis

  5. can some one plz tell me the central theme of the poem or central idea

    1. it is based on battle of yarmouk and Abu ubaidah r.a was salar of that battle

    2. it is based on battle of yarmouk and Abu ubaidah r.a was salar of that battle

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  7. A very good poem

  8. impressive and devoted tribute to the Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H

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  12. Great work.. Great Blog.. but there is a little problem

    "Peeron Pet Ere Ishq Ka Wajib Hai Ehtaram" it should be "Peeron Pe Tere Ishq Ka Wajib Hai Ehtaram" Please correct