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(Bang-e-Dra-168) Phir Baad-e-Bahar Ayi, Iqbal Ghazal Khawan Ho

Phir Bad-e-Bahar Ayi, Iqbal Ghazal Khawan Ho
Ghuncha Hai Agar Gul Ho, Gul Hai To Gulistan Ho

The spring breeze is flowing again start singing, O Iqbal
If you are a bud be the flower, if a flower the garden become

Tu Khak Ki Muthi Hai, Ajza Ki Hararat Se
Barham Ho, Preshan Ho, Wusa’at Mein Byanban Ho

You are a handful of dust, with the warmth of the components
Wander around, scatter about and wilderness in extent become

Tu Jins-e-Mohabbat Hai, Qeemat Hai Garan Teri
Kam-Maya Hain Soudagar, Iss Daes Mein Arzan Ho

You belong to the essence of Love, you are invaluable
The purchasers are indigent, low priced in this country become

Kyun Saaz Ke Parde Mein Mastoor Ho Lay Teri
Tu Naghma’ay Rangeen Hai, Har Gosh Pe Uryan Ho

Why should your tunes be veiled in the guitar’s frets?
You are an ornamented song, evident to every ear become

Ae Rehro-e-Farzana! Raste Mein Agar Tere
Gulshan Hai To Shabnam Ho, Sehra Hai To Toofan Ho

O wise traveler! If in your path you encounter
The garden become dew, if wilderness the storm become

Saman Ki Mohabbat Mein Muzmar Hai Tan Asani
Maqsad Hai Agar Manzil, Gharat Gar-e-Saman Ho

Indulgence is concealed in the love of opulence
If you aim at the destination, destroyer of opulence become

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  1. Very nice poem. Iqbal has said very much inspiring things in a single ghazal and it contains those ideas which is the crux of his poetry.