Search Words, Couplet, Verse, Shair In Iqbal Poetry

(Bang-e-Dra-180) Asal-e-Shahood-o-Shahid-o-Mashood Aik Hai

“Asal-e-Shuhood-o-Shahid-o-Mashood Aik Hai”
Ghalib Ka Qoul Sach Hai To Phir Zikr-e-Ghair Kya

“The search, the witness and the thing witnessed are the same”
If this saying of Ghalib is true there is no strangeness

Kyun Ae Janab-e-Sheikh! Suna App Ne Bhi Kuch
Kehte The Kaabe Se Kal Ahle-e-Dair Kya

O Shaikh! Have you heard something?
What the temple’s people’s say to the Ka`bah’s people!

Hum Puchte Hain Muslim-e-Ashiq Mazaj Se
Ulfat Buton Se Hai To Barhman Se Bair Kya!

“We ask the Muslim with the disposition of a lover
If you love the idols why is enmity with the Brahman?”


  1. Asl shahood o shahid o mashhood aik hai..
    Heraan hoon phir mushahida hai kis hisaab main.. #ghalib

  2. Relativity theory. (In both relativity physics and Sufism). Translation should be:

    The observation, observer and the observed object are one unity,
    Ghalib's quote is true then how is it possible to mention another

    Reconstruction, lecture one explains this unity.