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(Bang-e-Dra-193) Mehnat-o-Sarmaya Dunya Mein Saff Ara Ho Gye

Mehnat-o-Sarmaya Dunya Mein Saf Aara Ho Gye
Dekhiye Hota Hai Kis Kis Ki Tamanaon Ka Khoon

Capital and labor are in confrontation with each other
Let us see how many people’s expectations are destroyed

Hikmat-o-Tadbeer Se Ye Fitna-e-Ashob
Tal Nahin Sakta 'Wa Qad Quntum Bihi Tastaajiloon'

With cleverness and prudence this mischief cannot be delayed
Because “Wa qad kuntum bihi tasta’jilun”

‘Khul Gye’ Yajooj Majooj Ke Lashkar Tamam
Chashme-e-Muslim Dekh Le Tafseer-e-Harf-e-‘Yansiloon’

Gog and Magog all have been released
The Muslim eye will see the meaning of Yansilun


  1. these are good but aren"t they difficult for me.

    1. Plz refer to Al Quraan Sura #10 Ayat # 51 and Sura # 21 Ayat # 96 for better understanding....

  2. The last one is very scary and true "YAJUJ & MAJUJ BEEN RELEASED"

  3. These poem are in connection to Britain attacking Muslims to create state of Israel.