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(Bang-e-Dra-194) Sham Ki Sarhad Se Rukhsat Hai Vo Rind-e-Lam Yazil

Sham Ki Sarhad Se Rukhsat Hai Woh Rind-e-Lam-Yazil
Rakh Ke Maikhane Ke Sare Qaeede Balaye Taaq

That eternal rind has departed from the border of Sham
Shelving away all the rules and etiquette of the tavern

Ye Agar Sach Hai To Hai Kis Darja Ibrat Ka Maqam
Rang Ek Pal Mein Badal Jata Hai Ye Neeli Riwaaq

If so, how much is this the occasion for admonition
The blue sky changes its colors in a moment

Hazrat-e-Karzon Ko Ab Fikr-e-Madawa Hai Zaroor
Hukm Baradari Ke Maide Mein Hai Dard-e-La Yutaaq

Cursor certainly would be concerned with remedial measures
In the belly of obedience has started unequaled convulsion

Wafad Hindustan Se Karte Hain Sir Agha Khan Talab
Kya Ye Chooran Hai Pe-e-Hazm-e-Falasteen-o-Iraq

Sir Agha Khan is demanding the delegation from India
Is this the digestive for devouring Iraq and Palestine

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