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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-007) Miraj


 De Walwala-e-Shauq Jise Lazzat-e-Parwaz
Kar Sakta Hai Woh Zarra Mah-o-Mehr Ko Taraaj

A mote endowed with strong desire for flight
Can reach the Sun and Moon with effort slight.

Mushkil Nahin Yaraan-e-Chaman! Maarka-e-Baaz
Pursouz Agar Ho Nafs-e-Sina-e-Durraj

If chest of partridge fire and zeal emit,
My friends, in fight with hawk it can acquit.

Nawak Hai Musalman, Hadaf Iss Ka Hai Surreya
Hai Sirr-e-Sara Parda-e-Jaan Nukta-e-Miraaj
Ascension means to gauge a Muslimʹs heart,
The Pleiades are the target of his dart.

Tu Maanni-e-‘Wannajam’ Na Samajha To Ajab Kya
Hai Tera Mad-o-Jazar Abhi Chand Ka Mohtaaj

No wonder, meanings of Najm from you hide,
On Moon depends your oceanʹs ebb and tide.


  1. Walwala-e-Shauq Jise Lazzat-e-Parwaz..
    jo wada e alast mai apna wad yad rakhtay hian wo lazzat e parwaz wa zouk e parwaz rkhtay hian. or jo nasooti log hian wo udhr bhi gumrah howay or idhr bhi gumrah hian.

    1. G zameer bhai asa hy ha....Rumi sab nay b koch asa hy kaha tha.....U were born with wings why prefer to crawl through life....

  2. It is the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the one who walked on his mind follow his approach, which is to work for the road commission paradise is not easy in many examinations on the slave I skip it as your flag did not reach the sun but the sun and the moon is absent from the greatest only reported the heavens and the seven heavens by hand The Lord of mankind and after them Paradise the way the believer seeks his loyalty to God and is expected