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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-042) Kafir-o-Momin

The Infidel And Believer

Kal Sahil-e-Darya Pe Kaha Mujh Se Khizar Ne
Tu Dhoond Raha Hai Sam-e-Afrang Ka Taryaq?

Thus Khizr to me did speak last day on river banks.
ʺAre you in search of cure for venom spread by Franksʺ?

Ek Nukta Mere Pas Hai Shamsheer Ki Manind
Burrinda-o-Saqeel Zada-o-Roshan-o-Burraq

I know a subtle point which like the sword is keen:
Is cutting, burnished, bright and owns a peculiar sheen.

Kafir Ki Ye Pehchan Ke Afaq Mein Gum Hai
Momin Ki Ye Pehchan Ke Gum Iss Mein Hain Afaaq!

A heathen gets distinct by getting lost in life
Whereas a Muslim true keeps ’bove its brawl and strife.


  1. Wallahi such an awesome depiction! people are lost in this world when a muslim should be above that...

    may Allah bless him for his work...

  2. i love this couplet more than my soul..what a momon poet iqbal was

  3. By Allah, kuffar= disbelievers, offered me three (3) times this world on price of my Hereafter to get lost in it, during my life, but Allah (swt) with His infinitif Mercy Did not let me to get lost in it.

  4. In this life of a disbeliever, death is eternal whereas in this life of a Momen death is eternal life. A disbeliever does every effort to please herself / himself but a Momen does every effort to please her / his Lord Allah Almighty.

  5. Allama Iqbal rh.ah meeting with Khizar A.s. amazing

    1. There is nothing as much special my brother as u amazed by meeting of ALLAMA IQBAL with Khizar....Every Momin true lover of Mohammad S.A.W will see khizar and seek guidence from him......

  6. This Is most lovable couplet . .kafir ki pechàn. .

  7. afaq kya hoti hai?????koi last wala stanza samjha do plzzzzz