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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-043) Mahdi-e-BarHaq (The True Guide)


The True Guide

Sub Apne Banaye Huwe Zindan Mein Hain Mehboos
Khawar Ke Sawabit Hon Ke Afrang Ke Sayyar

The sedent nations of the East, or active dwellers of the West;
Are inmates of such dungeons that were built by them with zeal and zest!

Peeran-e-Kalisa Hon Ke Sheikhan-e-Haram Hon
Ne Jiddat-e-Guftar Hai, Ne Jiddat-e-Kirdar

The priests who guide the Christian church, and elders who maintain the Shrine,
Lack newness of discourse and speech, Bereft are they of actions fine.

Hain Ahle-e-Siasat Ke Wohi Kuhna Kham-o-Paich
Shayar Issi Aflas-e-Takhiyyul Mein Giraftar

Experts in statecraft practise still the same antique guile and wily tricks
No flights of fancy the bard can claim to ideals low and mean he sticks!

Dunya Ko Hai Uss Mahdi-e-Barhaq Ki Zaroorat
Ho Jis Ki Nigah Zalzala-e-Alam-e-Afkar

It is time that the expected Guide may soon appear on worldly stage;
His piercing glance in realm of thought would cause a violent storm to rage.

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