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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-060) Ae Pir-e-Haram

Ae Peer-e-Haram
To Elder Of The Shrine

Ae Peer-e-Haram! Rasm-o-Reh-e-Khanqahi Chor
Maqsood Samajh Meri Nawa-e-Sehri Ka

O Shaykh, who tend the Holy Shrine, Discard these monkish modes of yours:
Grasp what morning songs denote, What aim or end I would promote.

Allah Rakhe Tere Jawanon Ko Salamat!
De In Ko Sabaq Khud Shikani, Khud Nigari Ka

May God preserve the youth you guide and may they all by Faith abide!
Restraint and order you must teach to shun conceit you ought to preach.

Tu In Ko Sikha Khara Shagafi Ke Tareeqe
Maghrib Ne Sikhaya Inhain Fann Shisha-Gari Ka

Those who blow on glass in West, Have taught the youth repose and rest:
Let them imbibe to bear the shocks, and cut the stones and hew the rocks.

Dil Torh Gyi In Ka Do Sadiyon Ki Ghulami
Daru Koi Soch In Ki Preshan Nazari Ka

The foreign Yoke that ran for periods long, has drained the blood of heart, so strong;
Think of some cure, panacea or aught to bring to end their sight distraught.

Keh Jata Hun Main Zor-e-Junoon Mein Tere Asrar
Mujh Ko Bhi Sila De Meri Aashufta Sari Ka!

In fits of frenzy strong and great of mysteries, God I start to prate:
Bestow on my distracted brain some recompense for this pain.

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