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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-081) Khudi Ki Tarbiat

Khudi Ki Tarbiat
Upbringing Of Selfhood

Khudi Ki Parwarish-o-Tarbiat Pe Hai Moqoof
Ke Musht-e-Khak Mein Paida Ho Atish-e-Hama Souz

If self is bred with perfect care, Such force and strength it can acquire
That handful dust of man with ease can set untruths and wrongs afire.

Yei Hai Sirr-e-Kaleemi Har Ek Zamane Mein
Hawaye Dast-o-Shoaib-o-Shabani-e-Shab-o-Roz

This is the mystery we ascribe to Moses in every age and clime:
He tended the sheep in wilds and learnt from Shoaib to toil and mode sublime.

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