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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-085) Hindi Maktab

Hindi Maktab

Indian School

Iqbal! Yahan Naam Na Le Ilm-e-Khudi Ka
Mozoon Nahin Maktab Ke Liye Aese Maqalat

About the self here have no talk, O bard,
Because with schools such sermons donʹt accord.

Behtar Hai Ke Bechare Mamulon Ki Nazar Se
Poshida Rahain Baaz Ke Ahwal-o-Maqamat

Much good that birds that chirp may not descry,
The modes of hawk, its state and rank so high!

Azad Ki Ek Aan Ha Mehkoom Ka Ek Saal
Kis Darja Garan Sair Hain Mehkoom Ke Auqat!

A free manʹs breath can match a subject year,
How slowly moves the time of serfs, is clear!

Azad Ka Har Lehza Payam-e-Abadiat
Mehkoom Ka Har Kehza Nayi Marg-e-Mafajat

The free perform such deeds in span of breath,
But slaves are every instant prone to sudden death.

Azad Ka Andesha Haqiqat Se Munawar
Mehkoom Ka Andesha Giraftar-e-Khurafat

The thoughts of persons free with truth are lit,
But thoughts of slaves do not own sense a bit.

Mehkoom Ko Peeron Ki Karamat Ka Soda
Hai Banda-e-Azad Khud Ek Zinda Karamat

A slave has craze for marvels wrought by guides
Himself a wonder ʹlive, his memory fresh abides.

Mehkoom Ke Haq Mein Hai Yehi Tarbiat Achi

This is the training that befits them well,
Painting, music and science of plants as well.


  1. hakeem ul ummat dr allama m iqbal is the great

  2. hazaro saal baad koi marde momin Iqbal jaisa Paida hota hai

  3. i actually do not agree with all Iqbal says, he was a great thinker philosopher, the last muslim who tried to understand God through philosophy. but it must be remembered that he was still human and may not have the grasp of things beyond his own exposure range, and also that it was in the context of those times when muslims had lost power due to over indulgence in pleasure. he was trying to wake our ancestors up from the slumber.
    how can botany be the training of a mehkoom today? it is the big nations who have developed chemotherapy from plants, we the mehkooms only buy it from them.

    1. o reallly???? thats not a fault of iqbal but a fault ov ur self ...........

    2. Really**** oh! Sooo goooooooodddddd*********

    3. you misunderstood him....he is not against botany or anything.....he said hote nahi kyun tujh se sitaron ke jigar chak....which relates to excellence in modern day sciences including astronomy etc....what he says here is that one must not be lost in the sciences that he loses his self, that ilm e khudi is a pre requisite but botany is not...

  4. Dear Sabit, you need to read explanation of this poem. To me he is verily right, because it is only the knowledge of inner-self (Khudi) which can grant you access with a success in the life hereafter! So what Sir Iqbal has established is that if you being a slave don't know about yourself (Khudi), any other knowledge like Musical Studies, Arts and Botany would not spare you from slavery (Mahkoomiet). Even if you master these subjects! Hope you understood. Salaam

    1. U nailed it . He was a proponent of modern studies.....hote nahi kyun tujh se sitaron ke jiggar chak....but he relates here that ilm e khudi is the prerequisite to which no attention is paid.