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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-143) Alam-e-Nau (عالم نو) New World

New World

Zinda Dil Se Nahin Poshida Zameer-e-Taqdeer
Khawab Mein Dekhta Hai Alam-e-Nau Ki Tasveer

Decrees of Fate are not concealed from man whose heart throbbing seems:
He sees the image of New World in slumberous state, during dreams.

Aur Jab Bang-e-Zan Karti Hai Baidar Usse
Karta Hai Khawab Mein Dekhi Huwi Dunya Tameer

When prayer call at early morn transports him to Morpheusʹ domain,
 He tries to build the world beheld with utmost might and utmost main.

Badan Uss Taza Jahan Ka Hai Ussi Ki Kaf-e-Khak
Rooh Iss Taza Jahan Ki Hai Ussi Ki Takbeer

The body of the dreamt of world is made from his handful clay:
"God is Great!" his slogan shrill that can the role of soul for new world play.

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