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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-144) Ejad-e-Ma'ani


Invention Of New Meanings
Har Chand Ke Aeejad-e-Maani Hai Khudad
Koshish Se Kahan Mard-e-Hunarmand Hai Azad !

It is a gift by God bestowed to coin fresh words with meanings new;
Yet skilful artist must work hard, As inborn trend is owned by few.

Khoon-e-Rag-e-Maamar Ki Garmi Se Hai Tameer
Maikhana-e-Hafiz Ho Ke Butkhana-e-Behzad

It is the heat in masonʹs blood who builds structures of various forms:
It may be Behzadʹs picture hall, or house of wine where Hafiz charms.

Be Mehnat-e-Peham Koi Johar Nahin Khulta
Roshan Sharer-e-Teesha Se Hai Khana-e-Farhad!

Without resort to incessant strife no skill or art completion gains:
If Farhad does not hew the rocks, No sparks flash, dark his house remains!

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