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(Armaghan-e-Hijaz-02) Budhe Baloch Ki Nasihat Baite Ko (بڈھے بلوچ کی نصیحت بیٹے کو ) (The Advice Of An Old Baluch To His Son)

( Read Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )

Budhe Baloch Ki Nasihat Baite Ko

Ho Tere Bayaban Ki Hawa Tujh Ko Gawara
Iss Dasht Se Behter Hai Na Dilli Na Bukhara

Winds of these wasteland be your love!
Bokhara, Delhi, are worth  no more.

Jis Simat Mein Chahe Sifat-e-Seel-e-Rawan Chal
Wadi Ye Humari Hai, Woh Sehra Bhi Humara

Like running water Go where you will: 
these desert plains are ours, and Ours are these valleys.

Ghairat Hai Bari Cheez Jahan-e-Tagg-o-Dou Mein
Pehnati Hai Darvesh Ko Taj-e-Sar-E-Dara

Honour, that high thing in a world of troubling (struggle),
Sets on the Saint’s head Darius’ crown

Hasil Kisi Kamil Se Ye Poshida Hunar Kar
Kehte Hain Ke Sheeshe Ko Bana Sakte Hain Khara

Learn from some master, this strange craft
They tell that how glass is forged flint‐hard

Afrad Ke Hathon Mein Hai Aqwam Ki Taqdeer
Har Fard Hai Millat Ke Muqaddar Ka Sitara

Fortunes of States through individual prowess ripen 
Each man one star of their ascendant (Destiny)

Mehroom Raha Doulat-e-Darya Se Woh Ghawwas
Karta Nahin Jo Souhbat-e-Sahil Se Kinara

Ocean withholds her treasure when the diver 
Groping for pearl shells Clings by land’s margin.

Deen Hath Se De Kar Agar Azad Ho Millat
Hai Aesi Tajarat Mein Musalman Ka Khasara

To the Muslim freedom gained at the price of casting off religion  
Makes an ill bargain!

Dunya Ko Hai Phir Ma’arka-e-Rooh-o-Badan Paish
Tehzeeb Ne Phir Apne Darindon Ko Ubhara

In our world, where once more Civilization  Looses its wild beasts, 
in one more encounter Spirit and flesh meet;

Allah Ko Pa-Mardi-e-Momin Pe Bharosa
Iblees Ko Yourap Ki Machinon Ka Sahara

On the true‐believer’s Manhood God’s trust lies -
The machines of Europe Satan’s alliance.

Taqdeer-e-Umam Kya Hai, Koi Keh Nahin Sakta
Momin Ki Firasat Ho To Kafi Hai Ishara

Who knows the nation’s fates?
But signs abound, If Muslims are wakeful

Ikhlas-e-Amal Mang Nayagan-e-Kuhan Se
‘Shahan Che Ajab Gar Banawazand Gada Ra !’

From your buried fathers ask pride of action; 
Do not fear—a king may smile on a beggar.

( Read Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )


  1. Great Poet and Great Poem

  2. "Deen haath se de kar agar aazaad ho millat,
    Hai aisi tajarat mein musalmaan ka khasaara."

    So true... So true...

  3. I think in the 6th sher Doulat-e-Daria Se instead of Daulat-e-Dara.

  4. Hai aisi tajarat mein musalmaan ka khasaara

  5. o ALLAH make iqbal's grave full of blessing

  6. Its the vision of Iqbal seems true at this point of time.Jazakallah, Qazi Sahib

  7. Allah Pak, Allama Iqbal r.a ki Roh ko sakoon Ponchai Ameen.

  8. masha Allah bahot khoob dobara parhkar apni mistake bhee sahee karli hay(Allama Iqbal one is the best muslim poet)

  9. proude to be a muslim

  10. Assalamu Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullah,

    Can we start from today itself!!

    Dear Muslim Brothers,

    What went wrong with our Ummah.....????

    "" You utter words but they did deeds. They roamed: you stay at home ""
    So every one of us knows what went wrong. This was all education system that drowned us into the sea where we where not able to float ashore. Can we start it today...??

    We need to co-operate with each other at every step. Let me explain how...

    Schools at primary level that will teach the basic fundamentals of Islam. In depth study of education, research, philosophy, architecture, engineering of great Islamic scholars and scientists. How Muslim’s contributed in the fields of science and technology.
    How we lost all this in the hands of yahood and nasara. What was the root cause; we lost all this incredible wealth. Which areas we have to work to get all this again. How Muslim’s can be back in power and leaders in science, technology and research.
    Develop research centers that will encourage our young Muslim students to do research for Ummah

    Need your suggestions and comments.
    Assalamu Alaikum
    Your Brother

  11. This poem is particulary addressed to our Baloch brothers. can no one teach this poem to them and our politicians in the backdrop of recent attrocities? i think Islam is the only cement & plaster which can keep joint all 4 provinces of Pakistan. Iqbal has realised this fact much before current era.

  12. Dunya Ko Hai Phir Ma’arka-e-Rooh-o-Badan Paish
    Tehzeeb Ne Phir Apne Darindon Ko Ubhara

    Allah Ko Pa-Mardi-e-Momin Pe Bharosa
    Iblees Ko Yourap Ki Machinon Ka Sahara

    So So True...As Every One Knows A War Is Coming And We can See How Much Technology West Has For War.

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  16. "kaha se ae Iqbal tune seekhi hai ye darweshi;
    ki charcha badshaho mai hai teri beniyazi ka"

  17. no words..........

  18. Afrad kay hathon main hay akwaam ki taqdir
    Har fard hay Millat kay muqaddar ka sahara

    Amazing!!! Makes you feel that you can make a difference. So True. So very true!!!

  19. I am deeply concerned about educational system in Pakistan particularly related to Iqbal. If we would have taught these verses of Iqbal in the light of Quran, we would not have been at the blink of atrocities going on in Pakistan at present. May ALLAH keep us from division in the way of life ( Deen) as described in Surah Room Ayah 32 (30/32)"Do not be in those who split up their way of Life( Deen)and became sects (Firka). Any Firka based on nationalism, color, wealth or based on any other characteristic is prohibited in Islam. West has passed a lot of laws to get rid of this cancer like Civil right Act of 1964, however, our religious leaders have been unable to deliver the message of Quran to end this cancer even within Muslims. Division based on any characteristics should not be tolerated according to the mentioned Sureh Room Ayat 32. It should be made a law. I ask each and everyone of you to follow Deen Islam ( Way of life of Islam) and propagate this message to bring about a revolution.
    This is totally how I see Ayat ALLAH people have their own interpretations I ask you guys to get one word and see how the same word is used in Quran at different places to see what it really means according to Quran so that we can come to a real understanding of Quran instead of just taking the word and sticking to whatever the translator has translated it into.
    My words are not last words. There is always room for improvement. May ALLAH forgive me if I have made any mistakes in the translation and interpretation.

  20. No doubt .... Sir Allama Iqbal have been a great poet for the mankind. This poem relevant to Baloch is actually observed by him when he saw the culture and traditions of Baloch so simillar to Islam except a few. However ,, hospitablity, bravery,vanguarding,faith, and truth etc are so akin to Baloch as I have closely observed them

  21. great service fellows

  22. The great thinker and great Poet..............

  23. CAN we have speeches regarding hazrat iqbal?

  24. Very inspiring advices... Hats off to our great poet...

  25. afraad ke haathon main hai aqwaam ki taqdeer

    har fard hai milat ke muqaddar ka sitaara

  26. یہ میڈیا ہمیں دن بدن دین سے دور کر رہا ہے اگر بچنا ہے تو اس میڈیا کا قبلہ درست کرنا پڑے گا جس کی ڈور یہودونصارٰی کے ہاتھ میں ہے

  27. Verse no.7 is not pictured.admin plz review it.

  28. soooooooooo lovely i loe Iqbal's poetry he was very great poet may his soul rest in heaven

  29. Tehzeeb ne phir apnay darindo ko what an amazing way of explaining the menace of the so called civilized world

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