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(Bal-e-Jibril-074) Meri Nawa Se Huay Zinda Arif-o-Aami

Meri Nawa Se Huwe Zinda Arif-o-Aami
Diya Hai Main Ne Inhain Zauq-e-Atish Ashami

The Gnostic and the common throng new life have gained through my song:
I have conferred relish fine on them for Loveʹs fiery wine.

Haram Ke Pas Koi Ajami Hai Zamzama Sanj
Ke Tar Tar Huwe Jama Haye Ahrami

Some Ajami near the Holy Shrine did sadly sing this song and pine,
“Alas! the robes by pilgrims worn to threads and pieces now are torn.”

Haqiqat-e-Abdi Hai Maqam-e-Shabiri
Badalte Rehte Hain Andaz-e-Kufi-o-Shami

The place of Husain (R.A.), the Martyr great is fact, not bound to Space or Date,
Though the Syrians and the Kufis may often change their wont and way.
Mujhe Ye Darr Hai Muqamir Hain Pukhta Kaar Bohat
Na Rang Laye Kahin Tere Hath Ki Khami

The gamblers who with you compete are deft of band and they can cheat:
Your fumbling shaky hands, I fear, May bring about your ruin so drear.

Ajab Nahin Ke Musalman Ko Phir Atta Kar Dain
Shikoh-e-Sanjar-o-Faqr-e-Junaid (R.A.)-o-Bastami (R.A.)

No wonder If the Muslims gain Their ancient glory once again–
Sanjarʹs splendour pomp and state, The piety and faqr of mystics great.

Qaba-e-Ilm-o-Hunar Lutf-e-Khaas Hai, Warna
Teri Nigah Mein Thi Meri Na-Khush Andami

The robe of art and lore I wear is through Your special bounty there:
You know my coarse and homely frame, To honour great I have no claim.

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