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(Bal-e-Jibril-137) Deen-o-Siasat


Kalisa Ki Bunyad Ruhbaniyat Thi
Samati Kahan Iss Faqeeri Mein Meeri

Monasticism was the church’s base
Its austere living had no room for wealth.

Khusoomat (Dushmani) Thi Sultani-o-Rahbi Mein
Ke Woh Sarbulandi Hai, Ye Sar-Bazairi

The anchorite and the king have ever been hostile;
One has humility; the other an exalted power.

Siasat Ne Mazhab Se Peecha Chhuraya
Chali Kuch Na Peer-e-Kalisa Ki Peeri

Church and state were separated at last;
The revered priest was rendered powerless.

Huwi Deen-o-Doulat Mein Jis Dam Judai
Hawas Ki Ameeri, Hawas Ki Wazeeri

When church and state parted the ways for ever,
It set in the rule of avarice and greed.

Dooyi Mulk-o-Deen Ke Liye Namuradi
Dooyi Chashm-e-Tehzeeb Ki Nabaseeri

This split is a disaster both for country and faith,
And shows the culture’s blind lack of vision.

Ye Ejaz Hai Aik Sehra Nasheen Ka
Basheeri Hai Aaeena-Dar-e-Nazeeri !

It is the miracle of a desert‐dweller
To make the grace a mirror to power.

Issi Mein Hafazat Hai Insaniyat Ki
Ke Hon Aik Junaidi-o-Ardsheri

Mankind’s deliverance lies in the unity
Of those who rule the body and those who rule the soul.


  1. please explain this in detail specially 'Junaidi-o-Ardsheri':

    Issi Mein Hafazat Hai Insaniyat Ki
    Ke Hon Aik Junaidi-o-Ardsheri


  2. i think it means hazrat junaid baghdadi and a king ardsher..Iqbal using their name as combination of politics and religion...both must be together for well being of humanity other wise both will remain unsuccessful and there will be greed and evil every where