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(Bal-e-Jibril-001) Meri Nawa-e-Shauk Se Shor Hareem-e-Zaat Mein (میری نوا شوق سے شور حریم ذات میں) My epiphany of passion causes...

Meri Nawa’ay Shauq Se Shor Hareem-e-Zaat Mein
Ghalghala Ha’ay Al-Aman But Kada’ay Sifaat Mein

My epiphany of passion causes commotion in the precinct of the Divine Essence,
Strikes terror in the pantheon of His Attributes.

Hoor-o-Farishta Hain Aseer Mere Takhaiyulat Mein
Meri Nigah Se Khalal Teri Tajalliyat Mein

The houri and the angel are captives of my imaginations—
My glance ruffles Your Manifestations.

Garche Hai Meri Justujoo Dair-o-Haram Ki Naqsh Band
Meri Faghan Se Rustkhaiz Kaaba-o-Somanat Mein

My quest is the architect of the Mosque and the idol‐house,
Though my song causes tumult both in the Ka‘bah and Somnath.

Gah Meri Nigah-e-Taiz Cheer Gyi Dil-e-Wujood
Gah Uljah Ke Reh Gyi Meri Touwahamaat Mein

My sharp vision pierced through the core of existence;
Confounded by my illusions at yet another time.

Tu Ne Ye Kya Ghazab Kiya, Mujh Ko Bhi Fash Kar Diya
Main Hi Tou Aik Raaz Tha Sina’ay Kainat Mein !

Oh what a rash deed that You did not leave me hidden:
I was the only secret in the conscience of the universe!


  1. In the third couplet (شعر) the word (رستخیز) the pronunciation in Roman is wrong its RUSTKHAIZ not Rastkhaiz...

    1. thanks brother, It is corrected now. Help from your side will be highly appreciated.

    2. in first couplet , the word after bout is seems to b kaadah in urdu, but written khuda'ay....if wrong then sorry.

    3. i think there is no mistake in first couplet mr "kite"

      but may be in second line "غلغلهاي" it is ghulghulaha'ay

    4. and in secound couplet, there r tow typing mistake in pronunciation of "Takhiyulat" (takhaiyulaat) and "Tajaliat" (Tajalliyaat).

      and in secound couplet, there r tow typing mistake in pronunciation of "Dair-e-Haram" (Dair-o-Haram).

      and in secound couplet, there r tow typing mistake in pronunciation of "Touwahamaat" (Tawahhumaat or Tawahhamaat).

  2. very very nice..............................
    can anybody guess what is in the mind of allama Iqbal when he wrote this poem. If any please leave a comment.
    this poem contains something very important for a Muslim to know.

    1. insha allah i will post my thought on this best poem tomorrow.

  3. I understood 2 verses fully.
    He says he is the creation of Kabbah and the idol house (west and east in a way) but what he says causes uproar in Kabbah and Idol House.
    His connotation of Kabah means that he Kabah is just like a symbol for us Muslims. Nothing more. Kinda like an idol because we treat it like an idol. And we don't even bother to understand its essence

    The last part is truly fascinating where he says he was the only secret of the universe. and the secret has been released! The only way of Pakistan and other Muslims countries to gain their dignity back. If only people could understand

  4. Where can i get the urdu tashri of all the poems

  5. listen to "ahmed javed" on the first verse.

  6. A great Poem of Iqbal's poetry but needs to translate by an expert.

    1. The gist of this poem is, that duty of humans in their own lifetime is to try their best in spiritual efforts to outreach to their Lord vicinity like Iqbal did and then humans will know life worthiness, powerfulness and be privy to divine actions.

  7. Here I dare to share meanings according to my understanding:

    Hazrat Iqbal (R.A) kehtay hen k Banda-e-Haq Allah ta'ala ki siffaat ka mazhar hota ha or wo Allah ta'ala k Husan ko shikar kernay wala hota ha yani us ki nigah se Khuda chhupta nahin
    Hoor-o-Farishta ko ye Ijaz hasil nahin

    Wo kehty hen k muslaman na sirf Haram ka Pasban ha yani Haq ka khidmat gar ha balky
    but shikan b ha yani kufr-o-batil ka khatma kerny wala b ha

    Wo kehty ha k Allah k fazal se musalman ki nigah se kisi cheez ki haqeeqat nahin chhupti

    Akhir me Wo kehty hen k sacha muslaman hi is kainaat/jahaan ka maqsood ha

  8. Mosque and idol house is not east and west. They are stages or shelters of humankinds quest in search of truth or haq
    Like ghalib said
    Dair o haram aaina e takrar e tammana
    Vamandgi e shauq tarashey hain panhain

  9. Translations or tashris of these works will not do needs to absorb the thoughts behind the needs to feel emotions,the subtlety of the thought, new pair of ears and eyes a new sense of beingness and then will dawn on us the message he is trying to gdt to. And not to forget that the message is not the same for everyone.we are all at different stage of awareness.I may have a much lower understanding of my self. Lkke Iqbal himself said
    "main khud bhi nahi apni haqeequat ka shanasa
    Gahra hai mere bahr e khayalaat ka pani
    Meri bhi tamana hai ke iqbal ko dekhoon
    Ki uski judaii mein bahut ashk fisani"
    And so on.

  10. how do u explain the fact that creation of pakistan was only hidden secret of universe..

  11. From where can I get explanation of Bal e Jibreel? please help my heart wants to read it..

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  13. hahahaha log ajeeb ajeeb thoughts rakhte hain
    sablog apne hisab se samajhta hai ashaar ko

    isliye dil dimaag ek karke padhen ta ki allama iqbaal ne jo sonchkar likha hai wo hubahu aapko samajh aaye.. aur agar aapko islaaic history pata hai to samajhne men aasaani hogi

    والله علم

  14. One of translation of this book is by prof.yusuf saleem may get it by Fareed book depo. Delhi India

    1. Owais Ahmed Ghani4 October 2016 at 05:55

      My rendering of this poem in english is:
      My Cry of Spiritual Ecstacy creates a stir in Heaven's Golden Halls!
      Panicked wails of "Save our Souls" resound from idol temples walls!
      Angels & Houris cannot escape the scrutiny of my Spiritual Intellect;
      Rays of THY Blazing Glory are disturbed by the light my eyes reflect!
      Though my Spiritual Quest must, by the boundaries of the Mosque & Temple, abide;
      My Cry of Ecstacy rocks both Pure Ka'aba & Somnath's temple from inside!
      Sometimes my Spiritual Insight pierces to Secrets of Creation of all kind;
      Sometimes it gets ensnarled in doubts & dark suspicions that cloud my mind;
      Why did YOU,O GOD! reveal me to the world through my poetic verse?
      I was content as a secret deep in the bosom of the Spiritual Universe!

  15. I want to get it translated in Urdu. I need an Urdu explanation please suggest me a book or tag me in a link. Thank you

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