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(Bal-e-Jibril-005) Asar Kare Na Kare, Sun To Le Meri Faryad (اثر کرے نہ کرے، سن تو لے میری فریاد) Whether or not it moves you, At least listen to my complaint

Asar Kare Na Kare, Sun To Le Meri Faryad
Nahin Hai Dad Ka Talib Ye Banda’ay Azad

Whether or not it moves you, At least listen to my complaint—
It is not redress this free spirit seeks.

Ye Musht-e-Khaak, Ye Sar Sar, Ye Wusaat-e-Aflak
Karam Hai Ya Ke Sitam Teri Lazzat-e-Ijad

This handful of dust, this fiercely blowing wind, and these vast, limitless heavens—
Is the delight You take in creation a blessing or some wanton joke?

Thehar Saka Na Huwa’ay Chaman Mein Khaima’ay Gul
Ye Hai Fasal-e-Bahari, Ye Hai Baad-e-Murad

The tent of the rose could not withstand the wind blowing through the garden:
Is this the spring season, and this the auspicious wind?

Kasoorwar, Ghareeb-ud-Diyar Hun, Lekin
Tera Kharaba Farishte Na Kar Sake Abad

I am at fault, and in a foreign land,
But the angels never could make habitable that wasteland of yours.

Meri Jafa Talbi Ko Duaen Deta Hai
Woh Dasht-e-Sada, Woh Tera Jahan-e-Bebunyad

Gratefully remembers my love of hardship.
That stark wilderness, that insubstantial world of Yours

Khatar Pasand Tabiyat Ko Saazgaar Nahin
Woh Gulistan Ke Jahan Ghaat Mein Na Ho Sayyad

An adventurous spirit is ill at ease
In a garden where no hunter lies in ambush.

Maqam-e-Shauq Tere Qudsiyon Ke Bus Ka Nahin
Unhi Ka Kaam Hai Ye Jin Ke Hosle Hain Zayyad

The station of love is beyond the reach of Your angels,
Only those of dauntless courage are up to it.


  1. This poem sums up Iqbal's conception of Universe. I wish more people read and ponder over Iqbal's The reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. It will enable them to truly understand Iqbal's philosophy.

  2. This if fantastic poem

  3. Please explain the whole poem context?